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Isuzu FYH 2000 a concrete solution for the outback

isuzu-fyh-2000s-right-for-outback-concreter-jybqhzdgLocated in Australia’s north-west, the Pilbara is often referred to Australia’s engine room – home to the massive mining industry in crude oil, salt, natural gas and iron ore.

Supporting the mining industry is Pilbara Concrete Service, a concrete and labour supplier which doesn’t shy away from the harsh and remote conditions not to mention the sweltering heat.

Pilbara Concrete Service is also one of the first companies to be using Isuzu’s new FYH 2000, with two having been added to its fleet some months ago in a bid to keep up with ongoing industry demand.

While airbag suspension is often specified for Agitator work in the form of Isuzu’s FYJ model, given the inhospitable conditions, Pilbara Concrete Services opted for the added strength of taper leaf springs.

The company supplies an extensive range of ready mixed concrete and contracts labour to various companies such as Rio Tinto and the Australian Air Services, as well as residential clients in the region.

Across its seven offices, the company employees 25 staff in the Pilbara region.

Established by the Hill Family Trust in 2010, Pilbara Concrete Service has relied on Isuzu from its inception.

Pilbara Concrete Service Manager, Marcel Stadoliukas, said that the company has been pleased with the performance of all their Isuzus.

“Our first Isuzu was a FVZ 1400 and we haven’t considered another truck brand since,” Marcel said.

“Isuzu makes great trucks – they are the perfect size and capacity for our day-to-day needs.

“We are proud to have an exclusively Isuzu fleet and currently have 11 in service.”

In addition to the two FYH 2000s, the company has various N and F Series models in their fleet ranging from a NPR 200 to a FXZ 1500.

Some of company’s services include support for mining infrastructure and residential construction.

The two new FYH 2000s are fitted with 8.4 m3 agitator bowls, built by Mixers Australia and are used to transport concrete to clients for their construction needs.

According to Marcel, the FYH 2000 is well suited for harsh conditions.

“We are quite happy that Isuzu released the FY Series,” Marcel said

“All we needed to do was fit some rock tyres onto the FYH 2000s and they are good to go.

“Our trucks drive in some of the most extreme environments and places where only four-wheel-drives would dare to venture.”

Marcel also praised the FYH 2000s’ power.

The truck’s SiTEC Series III 350 engine is rated at 257 kW @ 2,000 RPM and 1,422 Nm @ 1,200 – 1,500 RPM.

“We’ve had no problem with the trucks conquering steep and rocky hills with a full 12 tonne load,” Marcel said.

“The standard rear axle and cross difflocks have also proven themselves when we’ve needed extra traction.”

The two new trucks are fitted with a roll over protection structure (ROPS), a falling object protective structure (FOPS), and Hella Rallye 4000 driving lights for added visibility.

The FYH 2000 features the Isri 6860 driver’s seat with integrated seatbelt and coil spring cab suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers.

According to Marcel, the trucks’ comfort features make the harsh conditions of the Pilbara more bearable.

“Some of the roads out here can be pretty rough, the Isri seat and cabin with its appointments make the going easier,” Marcel said.

“The Allison 4430 automatic transmission, which also comes as a standard, makes handling the truck a lot easier and accessible for our drivers too.

“All round vision is excellent too, making reversing a breeze.”

As the company expands with the mining industry, it will continue to add Isuzu trucks to its fleet.

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