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Isuzu Fuel Cell Truck Unveiled

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The Isuzu Group booth at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, which begins in Tokyo this week will see an Isuzu fuel cell truck unveiled. The truck comes as a result of a cooperation agreement between Isuzu Motors and Honda Motor.

Isuzu and Honda say they believe that hydrogen fuel cell technology will be effective to achieve carbon neutrality in heavy-duty trucks which are required to achieve high-efficiency transportation with the capability for long-distance routes, a large load capacity and quick refuelling.


This video shows the fuel cell truck as an 8×4 Japanese domestic market design. The truck is being called ‘Giga Fuel Cell’ or ‘Giga FC’. Power comes from four Honda fuel cell stacks which generate 103 kW power each and the initial hydrogen storage capacity is expected to be 56kg. 

Isuzu fuel cell truck unveiled

The power from the fuel cell feeds into a 320 kW electric motor and it is reckoned to be able to complete up to 800km on one hydrogen fill. 

Apparently, the truck cab also function as a mobile power station, from ‘an external power output function,’ according to Honda, supplying up to 530 kWh.

In announcements made in the lead up to this unveiling from Isuzu and Honda, the Giga Fuel Cell production model is expected to become available in 2027, with demonstration testing in the pipeline, in Japan, for early 2024.

Since the signing of an agreement in January 2020 to conduct joint research on a fuel cell powered truck, the two companies have been working on the verification of the compatibility of the fuel cell system and the Isuzu truck system integrating the two elements’ basic technologies and vehicle control technologies.

Isuzu fuel cell truck unveiled

The stand where the new innovative truck is to be displayed will also be another first for Isuzu, the ‘Isuzu Group’ booth will be displaying both the Isuzu branded truck and the newly UD Trucks offering to the market.

Isuzu fuel cell truck unveiled

The theme of the booth is ‘Innovation For You – Accelerate the Future of Transport’, emphasising the Group’s vision of a mobility society in the future. The booth consists of a Future Tunnel, and Future Cube, at the centre, with the former drawing visitors into another world, and the latter said to be exuding a sense of wonder at what the future holds.


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