Is the Letter H for Hydrogen or For Hype?

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There has been a lot of comment in various parts of the media, but for the trucking industry it can seem difficult to answer the question, is the letter H for hydrogen or for hype? The predicted future development of this alternative power source for trucks can vary dramatically, depending on who you ask.

The fact of the matter is, whether we like it or not, the world as a whole is moving away from power sources which produce carbon dioxide. The momentum of the drive towards zero carbon emissions trucks is being driven by the announcements by many of the world’s governments, especially in the developed world. 

The aim is to get to carbon neutrality by 2050. The technology to get there is being developed all over the world. Even if the Australian government does not commit to this target, the fact that we are technology takers and not technology makers is going to make us change. 

There will not be the level of investment in new diesel engines for trucks that we have seen in the past. That money will be spent meeting the zero carbon emissions aim instead.

As a result, down the track, if Australian truck buyers want the latest and greatest, high productivity trucks, they will have to buy into this technology, because that is where the development dollars are going.

This video simply shows us an early proof of concept example of a hydrogen truck and takes it onto the road in the Netherlands where it was built. 

There will definitely be a level of skepticism on the part of the trucking industry about this new technology. We do see new you beaut technologies being hyped in our market on a regular basis and many of them prove to be just that, hype.

However, the momentum building behind hydrogen is something very different. All of the major truck builders around the world are investing billions of dollars into hydrogen technology. All of the best brains in the industry are unlikely to all be wrong. Which tells us the letter H is, in fact, for hydrogen. 

is the letter H for hydrogen or for hype?