Is sustainability part of your fleet management plan yet?

Is sustainability part of your fleet management plan yet?

For many businesses, especially transport and logistics companies, sustainability is something that happens on the side. While Scott Morrison’s latest policy on electric vehicles (EVs) signals something great and ‘green’ may be on the way, the reality of a changing climate reminds us that sustainable practices need to be treated with urgency.


Businesses do not have to wait for official mandates to take initiative. It’s about time sustainability becomes part of the vision-setting and overall business strategy. When it comes to managing your fleet, a few simple, genuine approaches can help make a big difference.

Transition to greener fleets

If your business has enough budget, consider investing in electric or hybrid vehicles to lower your carbon emissions. Although the upfront cost of a new EV in Australia remains relatively steep compared to other developed nations, this is quickly changing. State governments have rolled out some exciting and substantial incentive programs to encourage EV uptakes, and the growing number of charging stations that rely on renewable energy sources will only bring electric charging fees down overtime. Also, the high purchase price is front-loaded over the vehicle’s lifetime due to lower running and repair costs. You can start by replacing a small portion of the fleet with energy-efficient vehicles, then increase the uptake.

Be fuel-efficient

Fuel-efficient driving can save you up to thousands of dollars per year, improve road safety and extend your fleet’s longevity. Educate your drivers about fuel-efficient driving techniques, such as braking and accelerating gently, maintaining a steady speed, keeping to speed limits and preventing the vehicle from idling.

A reliable software solution can also help by collecting insightful fleet data, which can then be examined and catalogued to pinpoint areas of improvement for each individual driver. A solution like WEBFLEET OptiDrive 360 delivers direct feedback to drivers before, during and after their trip, helping them to adapt a responsible driving style overtime and optimise fuel usage. Smoother rides also bring safer, more comfortable experiences if you’re carrying passengers.

Offset your emissions

 Carbon emissions are inevitable if using an internal combustion engine, but there’s an option to offset them by undertaking activities that will counteract the environmental impact.

 The Green Your Fleet platform allows you to calculate an estimate of your annual carbon emissions based on your fleet size and vehicle types. The tool then generates the amount required to offset these emissions by regreening dry lands in Tanzania. This way, you can be part of a greater cause in helping to restore native ecosystems, bring back wildlife and build a green future.

Is sustainability part of your fleet management plan yet?

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