Is it Just More Hydrogen Hype?

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Is there a new zero emission truck fuel waiting in the wings or is it just more hydrogen hype? At the moment it is difficult to work out exactly where we are at in the development of hydrogen as a realistic substitute for diesel in the long term.

Here are a selection videos showing there is a great deal of hype around the topic of hydrogen trucks, but not much real substance. These showcase Kenworth in the US, Hyundai in the future and a proposed launch by Hyzon, in Australia next year?

However, there are some places taking the topic very seriously, namely Switzerland, where a tax on diesel powered trucks is leading to the development of hydrogen infrastructure. The next issue of Diesel includes a report on the innovative trucks, from Martin Schatzmann, a commentator about the truck industry in Switzerland.

Two years after its initial presentation at IAA Truck Show in Hannover in 2018, the joint project between the Swiss start-up H2 Energy and of Hyundai Truck and Bus, along with several important local players in road transport and logistics is entering its reality phase. 

Truck makers and energy providers have been reluctant for some time around the issue of hydrogen. However, not so long ago a shift in perspective occurred, and now many major players have decided to turn to hydrogen and fuel cell power. There is still some time to go before the full realisation of this fuel as a reality because most of the plans don’t see tangible results until 2025 and beyond. 

This is not so in Switzerland, uncharacteristically, the Swiss are moving faster than the rest of the pack, thanks to a long and relentless effort by the small start-up H2 Energy in Zurich. 

There is a major problem associated with introducing and deploying hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles. With no service stations, there are no vehicles, and with no vehicles, there are no service stations. Who is the one who takes the necessary first step? 

The beauty of the project in Switzerland come from the effort put in to bring together all involved parties, from truck maker to hydrogen production to transport companies and service station chains, in order to create an environment for everybody to be able to make a profit of and to make the project happen for everyone at the same time. 

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is it just more hydrogen hype?