Is it a Truck, Or is it a Skateboard?

is it a truck, or is it a skateboard?

This is one of the questions visitors to the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens next week, may be asking themselves, is it a truck, or is it a skateboard? Hino will be giving a glimpse into the future at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, on a stand that features the world premiere of a new concept vehicle and a hybrid version of its heavy duty 700 Series.

The display is intended to illustrate the theme of ‘Transporting Every Happiness’, and will include a versatile concept vehicle, the Hino FlatFormer, which resembles a large skate board and one which Hino claim will, ‘change the concept of mobility forever’.

“The FlatFormer is a modular electric vehicle platform that measures 4.7m long, 1.7m wide and has a platform height of only 335 mm, with an electric motor output of 170kw delivered through its 6 wheel end motors which are feed energy from the 50kWh Lithium Ion Batteries,” said Daniel Petrovski, Manager of Product Strategy for Hino Australia.

“The FlatFormer offers a new level operational flexibility and can be fitted with a myriad of cab and body configurations to suit the customer’s transportation and mobility requirements.”


is it a truck, or is it a skateboard?


Also on display is a production version of the heavy duty Hino Profia Hybrid, which was launched onto the Japanese domestic market in August 2019. In Australia this model range is known as the 700 Series.

The Hino Profia Hybrid is equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system which implements optimal hybrid driveline control dependent on a number of varying factors such as drive route, vehicle load, hybrid energy availability, and uses these factors to determine the driving requirements up to 100 kilometres away.

This helps reduce the environmental footprint while minimising power consumption and maximising fuel economy.

The Hino Profia Hybrid uses the A09C diesel engine in parallel with an electric motor, which are both mated to the 12 speed automated manual transmission.

“The launch of the Hino Profia Hybrid in the Japanese market is a very exciting development for Hino globally, we are working with Hino Japan to determine suitability for this product and many other products for the Australian market,” said Daniel.


is it a truck, or is it a skateboard?