Introducing the XRS Connect Handheld UHF CB Radio

Introducing the XRS Connect Handheld UHF CB Radio

Introducing the new Australian Made XRS Connect Handheld UHF CB Radio, XRS-660.


Building on the market-leading innovation of GME’s popular range of XRS Connect UHF CB Radios, the Australian Made XRS-660 offers several exciting new features, clearly demonstrating GME’s unwavering commitment to the development of new technology for UHF CB Radio users.

The XRS-660 is the first Handheld UHF CB Radio to feature a Colour TFT LCD screen, providing the ultimate Handheld radio display for all environmental conditions – even in full sunlight.

Image: GME/Supplied

Bluetooth audio connectivity allows the XRS-660 to wirelessly connect to an extensive range of third-party audio accessories, providing users with new and improved ways to stay connected.

Built-in GPS functionality ensures the XRS-660 offers true location awareness without relying on a smartphone to provide GPS location data. This capability is handy in situations where location tracking of users in remote off-road areas is required for convenience or safety purposes.

Image: GME/Supplied

Featuring rugged IP67 Ingress Protection and a MIL-STD810G rating, the XRS-660 is GME’s toughest and most advanced Handheld UHF CB Radio yet.

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Key features

  • 5/1/0.1 Watt Switchable Transmission Power
  • Rugged Design, IP67 Ingress Protection
  • MIL-STD810G Rating
  • Class-leading 2 Watt Speaker
  • Transflective Colour LCD Display (TFT)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Audio & Data
  • Built-in GPS Receiver – Location Aware
  • XRS Connect – Smartphone Application
  • Scansuite – Digital Scanning Technology
  • Multiple Power Saving Modes

In the box

  • 5 Watt Handheld UHF CB Radio (XRS-660)
  • 2550mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack (BP030)
  • Rapid Desktop Charger (BCD026)
  • AC Adaptor (PS005)
  • Belt Clip (MB059)
  • Quick Start Guide


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