Introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift

introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift

In late 2021, it was announced that Genesis Equipment had been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for Stertil-Koni rail lift products and is now introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift.


The 5-year exclusive distribution agreement for the rail products is the only one globally, and it is an exciting development for the Australian market.

Introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift for Rail Freight Vehicles

The RF Wagonlift spearheads the Stertil-Koni rail product range. It is a mobile column lift system designed for the rolling stock market.

The RF Wagonlift is the only lift available that can lift both the wagon and bogies in one go with one single adaptor, leaving the wheels on the track. There is no other product on the rolling stock market that compares.

It has an 8.2T to 17.5T capacity per column lift, enabling rail wheel changes in just 20 minutes.  

The RF Wagonlift 20 Minute Wheel Change

Getting your productivity on track – The innovative design of the RF Wagonlift translates to a simple 6 step process that results in wheel changes in just 20 minutes.  This was previously unheard of in the rail industry.

Here is a brief guide to the RF Wagonlift 20 Minute Wheel Change:

introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift
Step 1. Prepare. – Prepare for the lift by undoing the keep bolts holding the wheels in bogies.
introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift
Step 2. Position. – Position the lifts under the wagon and through bogie frame openings
introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift
Step 3. Lift. – Lift the wagon and bogies. The wheels remain behind on the track.
introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift
Step 4. Replace. – Roll the wheels out and position replacement wheels.
introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift
Step 5. Lower. – Lower the wagon down onto the new wheels.

NOTE: Images above depict the yellow-coloured product that has been superseded by the ivory colour pictured below:

introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift
Step 6. Finish. – Remove the column lifts and tighten keep bolts.


The simplified wheel change workflow increases productivity by substantially reducing labour hours and making many more wheel changes achievable per day.

Custom attachments are available to suit all sizes of bodies and bogies to increase versatility.  The RF Wagonlift can also lift the wagon or carriage separately so that engineers can work on just the carriage if required.

ONE Universal Solution for All Types of Wagons

The capacity above of the RF Wagonlift to lift the wagon and bogies in one go with a single adaptor makes the product unique.  It is the only lift on the market today that can achieve this, providing ONE universal solution for the rolling stock market. 

Continuing the theme of ONE universal solution, the RF Wagonlift provides the following: 

  • one solution for every kind of wagon: including open, covered, flat and tank Rail Freight wagons
  • one solution for all variety of gauges: standard, wide and narrow gauges
  • one solution for maintenance:  wheelset changes, servicing and general repairs
  • one solution for inspections:  check for axle corrosion and mechanical damage with ease
  • one solution for manufacturing: easily access all components to build and assemble

The Fully Featured Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift 

The RF Wagonlift maintains the premium standard set by all Stertil-Koni equipment.   It has outstanding features with safety the paramount consideration, ensuring that staff are always protected in their working environment.

These features include:

  • Custom made interchangeable anvils supplied according to your specification
  • Wireless setup so there are no tripping hazards
  • Mobile – easy to position and manoeuvre 
  • Overload safety device
  • Independent mechanical locking system
  • Lifts can be lowered onto locks
  • Hydraulic safety systems
  • No slings, axle stands or overhead cranes
  • Ebright smart control system
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Adjustable lowering speed

The RF Wagonlift can be fully customised with a suite of options to suit requirements.  These include:

  • Load weight indicators
  • Power lock-out system
  • LED lighting
  • Active energy retrieval system

With so many features, it is no surprise that the RF Wagonlift considerably increases productivity in the workshop. The feature set means that workshops will enjoy improved efficiency, more vehicles serviced, reduced labour hours, greater flexibility and, of course, greater safety for workers.

The future is bright for the Australian rail industry with such innovative and highly capable equipment available from Genesis Equipment. It is full steam ahead for productivity and safety!

Contact the team today to discuss the best setup for your purposes.

introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift

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