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Into the future

It’s the beginning of the year and a chance to look into the future and take a peak over the horizon at the kind of technology we can expect to find appearing in our trucks sooner than you think. The truck manufacturers are already setting up the electronics in trucks to take account of the kind of stuff which will start to be fitted in the next decade.


These new developments mark a major change in the philosophy behind safety technology. Currently, all of the safety technology is based on board, using sensors, accelerometers and radar to work out what is going on in and around the truck. In the next generation the information will come from surrounding vehicles, roadside transmitters, pedestrians’ phones and via the mobile phone network.


The possibilities are too diverse to imagine at this stage, but the next generation of trucks is likely to create a quantum leap in the kind of safety outcomes possible for the trucking industry. The new technology will overlap with, and may even supercede, the kind of developments being spruiked by Daimler in autonomous trucks like the Mercedes Benz 2025 concept shown here:


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