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Interest in the New Low Carbon Technologies Grows

interest in the new low carbon technologies grows

The Truck Industry Council (TIC) has released its inaugural report into the Low Zero Emission Vehicle market in Australia, the Low Zero Emission Truck Market Update Report is expected to be released quarterly on this topic, as interest in the new low carbon technologies grows in the trucking industry.

“The report heralds the evolution of the heavy vehicle market in Australia with new technologies now being introduced and provides clarity on the actual sales of low zero emission vehicles in one report,” said Mark Hammond, TIC Chief Technical Officer.

Low and zero emission new truck sales up until September this year total 259 vehicles, of which 94 were battery electric and 165 were hybrid electric vehicles. For the whole of last year, out of a total of 44,379 trucks sold, a record year in terms of new truck sales, 27 of these vehicles were battery electric and 72 were hybrid electric vehicles. 

“Although 2023 has seen an impressive growth of low and zero emission truck sales, it also highlights that there is a long way to go to achieve a low/zero emission fleet in Australia,” said Mark. “The proof of success will be determined if these sales figures can be sustained into 2024 and beyond. Tracking these sales is the purpose of this new report.”

interest in the new low carbon technologies grows

The report points out that the potential of low or zero emission trucks to decarbonise the truck fleet hinges on the relative strengths and weaknesses of a suite of emerging technologies, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all vehicles in all applications.

As this technology is developing rapidly, the TIC report points us to potential wildcards that could significantly accelerate or retard uptake, including:

• Battery density improvements and alternative battery chemistry

• Economies of scale in green hydrogen production

• Global demand for biofuel/biogas feedstocks, including competition from non-road sectors (e.g. aviation, maritime, industrial processes)

• Infrastructure build-out (fast-charging, gaseous/liquid hydrogen, battery swapping)

• Government regulation and policy interventions.

The report also comes up with some guidelines for the kind of things trucking operators should be considering doing now, and into the future. It also outlines its view on the government action required to make the transition across to the new technology more effective.

The Low Zero Emission Truck Market Update Report can be found on the Truck Industry Council’s website: under the Downloads tab.

TIC is the peak industry body and advocacy voice for Australian truck manufacturers and importers, heavy vehicle engine companies and major component suppliers to Government. TIC members act for 17 truck brands currently on sale in Australia representing 99 per cent of all new truck sales above 4.5 tonne GVM.


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