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Industry News From The Week

Industry News From The Week

The industry news from the week includes more awards being handed out and industry organisations introducing new initiatives for the road.

Fuel delivery driver leading the way for International Women’s Day

Lowes Petroleum’s Alicia Waddingham may not be the typical image of a truckie – a 33-year-old single mother – but she’s breaking down walls and living her dream in the transport industry.

She’s been a driver for Lowes for a year now, making fuel deliveries anywhere within 100km of the depot. Having driven trucks for 13 years, Alicia says it’s like no other job in the world.

“What I like best about being behind the wheel is the freedom,” she says.

“Being out on the road and very much in control of my own day, listening to my own music. It’s like my own personal little office but on wheels – a moving office.

“Driving trucks is really like nothing else. It’s such a great job, because you’re not going to work and sitting in an office that doesn’t change. Even if you are seeing the same landscape every day it’s still somewhat different.”

Being a single mother has its challenges, but Alicia says Lowes has been very understanding and flexible with her hours.

She’s behind the wheel three days a week, and has the freedom to get home every night to her young daughter, which she says makes the job suit her life well.

“Clara is five years old, so it’s important I have a work life balance,” Alicia says.

“The hardest thing for any single mum is having a job and a child and trying to juggle the two. My knock off time can be anywhere from 2pm or 5pm so it’s very manageable and that my schedule allows me to be home every night is amazing.

“I am seeing more women drivers on the road these days as well as driving headers on the farms, so the word is getting out that this is a good career for women.”

LBRCA announces 2024 Young Driver of the Year

The Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association (LBRCA) has announced the winner of the 2024 LBRCA Young Driver of the Year award.

Charlie Pittman of Pittman Transport received the award at the LBRCA annual conference on February 23 to 24 which was held in Wagga Wagga.

Hailing from Orange, NSW the 25-year-old was recognised for his outstanding dedication to safety, excellence in best practices, and notable contributions to the road transport industry, earning him the much sought after accolade.

Hailing from a family immersed in the transport business for over a century, Charlie’s journey into the industry began after completing a business degree. He embraced the family legacy by actively engaging in the transport of livestock and bulk commodities throughout Australia.

“The job is really exciting as you can be your own boss behind the wheel, and the opportunity to travel is also quite attractive,” he says.

“In the last three years, I have travelled through most of NSW and as far as Far North Queensland and Tasmania.”

Charlie with his parents Annabel and Jeremy. Image: LBRCA

Award initiator Lynley Miners congratulated Charlie on his outstanding best practice approach and commitment to driving and safety.

“Charlie displays an exemplary work ethic, a proactive approach to safe work practices, and is a brilliant role model for the rural transport industry.

“The professionalism and leadership qualities Charlie possesses are a real win for our industry.

“He is hungry to learn and absorb every detail of the industry to be the best at what he does.”

ATA and NHVR unite over level crossing safety

The ATA and NHVR have issued a joint notice to truckies regarding rail level crossing safety.

Known as the National Level Crossing Safety Notice, it offers advice and safety tips for truckies regularly travelling through level crossings, particularly on rural roads where many are without boom gates.

With more than 20,000 level crossings intersecting Australian roads across the country, ATA CEO Mathew Munro says everyone must stay vigilant to reduce fatalities and injuries at level crossings.

“Between 1 July 2014 and 31 December 2022, there were 39 lives lost and 49 serious injuries at Australia’s rail crossings,” he says.

“These aren’t just numbers; these are people who didn’t make it home safely to their loved ones. There have also been thousands of near misses at rail crossings.

“We’re putting out a unified reminder for truck drivers to prioritise not only their own safety, but the safety of their fellow road users and rail workers.

“There’s no room to take risks when it comes to trains.”

You can view the notice in full here.

Daimler crowns dealer champions

Awards season is continuing into March as Daimler Truck held its Dealer Awards at the MCG last week, announcing Daimler Trucks Gold Coast as Dealer of the Year.

Head of Daimler Truck Overseas, Andreas von Wallfeld, and Daimler Truck Australia Pacific President and CEO, Daniel Whitehead, presented the award to Daimler Trucks Gold Coast General Manager, Aaron Camilleri.

“Something that really stands out when you speak to Gold Coast customers is how much work the sales team will put into helping them build a truck specification that will best serve them best and give them an advantage in their field,” Daniel said of Daimler Trucks Gold Coast.

“Then there is the follow up support and servicing, which really is outstanding. It is at the level we normally see with smaller dealerships, who know all their customers by their first names.”

Image: Daimler Truck Australia

Listed below are the awards in full:

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Individual Awards

  • 2023 Rookie of the Year – Mitchel Buckman (Daimler Trucks Albury)
  • 2023 Sales Person of Year – Jamie Mammoliti (Daimler Trucks Somerton)
  • 2023 Service Manager of the Year – Lee Atkinson (Daimler Trucks Sunshine Coast)
  • 2023 Parts Manager of the Year – Malik Rehman (Daimler Trucks Wagga)

Freightliner Individual Awards

  • 2023 Rookie of the Year – Jonathan Hamilton (Daimler Trucks Gold Coast)
  • 2023 Sales Person of Year – Duane Schranz (Daimler Trucks Adelaide)
  • 2023 Service Manager of the Year – John Herring (Daimler Trucks Albury)
  • 2023 Part Manager of the Year – Ben Brodie (Daimler Trucks Perth)

Fuso Truck and Bus Individual Awards

  • 2023 Rookie of the Year – Tessa Johnstone (Fuso Adelaide)
  • 2023 Sales Person of the Year – Leon Benivento (Daimler Trucks Huntingwood)
  • 2023 Service Manager of the Year – Sam Bruin (STM Trucks and Machinery)
  • 2023 Parts Manager of the Year – Lee Baker (Daimler Trucks Sunshine Coast

Daimler Truck Financial Services Awards

  • 2023 Daimler Financial Guild Dealer of the Year – Light/Medium Duty – Tristan Keys (Daimler Trucks Adelaide)
  • 2023 Daimler Financial Guild Dealer of the Year – Heavy Duty Commercial – Anthony Montgomery (Daimler Trucks Gold Coast)

Elite Support Awards

  • Elite Support Rookie CIC of the Year – Jody Mills (Cable Price)
  • Elite Support CIC of the Year – Ronnie Ootink (Daimler Trucks Toowoomba)
  • Elite Support S5 Audit of the Year Award – Erin Cairns (Daimler Trucks Townsville)
  • Elite Support CI Event of the Year Award – Emily Edwards (Daimler Trucks Kempsey)

NHVR introduces waste and recycling code

The NHVR has released the draft Waste and Recycling Industry Code of Practice for Load Management for review to industry participants.

The code, also known as the Waste Loading Code (WLC), has been developed to drive better safety outcomes in the waste and recycling industry and the businesses that use those services.

NHVR chief safety and productivity officer David Hourigan says the regulator worked alongside the Waste and Recycling Industry Association of Queensland to bring together a broad range of industry experts who had the experience and knowledge to identify hazards and recommend effective and practical control measures that parties in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) can implement.

“The WLC is a practical guide of interest to anyone who uses or supplies waste and recycling transport services,” he says.

“It supports those parties to understand and meet their primary duty and other obligations under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

“If you or your business sends or receives waste on a heavy vehicle, operates or contracts heavy vehicles to transport waste and recycling materials, or manages a facility where these materials are loaded or unloaded, the WLC is relevant to you.”


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