Increasing Convergence from Seeing Machines

increasing convergence from Seeing Machines

With the introduction of its new Embedded Product Strategy, there is now a strategy of increasing convergence from Seeing Machines. With artificial intelligence (AI) powered operator monitoring systems to improve transport safety, the new Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is taking the technology company to the next stage in its development.

Seeing Machines are calling the latest release a part of a ‘three pillar’ strategy, with the first being the new FOVIO Chip, utilising the new Occula Neural Processing Unit. The technology is also enabling new integration pathways into any vehicle integration point, including smart-mirrors, instrument clusters, infotainment ECUs or centralised ADAS processing systems. The new Occula system is now available under license for integration with any automotive computer platform.

“It’s an exciting time in the Automotive industry and I’m delighted to be announcing our detailed technology strategy, which has been constructed to closely support OEMs as they design cars to meet mounting safety standards and deliver convenience features for their customers,” said Paul McGlone, CEO of Seeing Machines.

“Seeing Machines has been leading this market for many years now and our three pillar approach is no accident. We have leveraged our teams’ years of experience, deep knowledge of industry requirements, and close customer relationships to support the many and varied requirements for DMS integration into cars as demand continues to accelerate around the world.”

The latest developments from the company sees them targeting the rapidly expanding camera-based interior monitoring market, extending cost, scalability and integration benefits for vehicle manufacturers as well as safety and convenience for their customers.

Seeing Machines reckon the FOVIO Chip (delivered in partnership with Xilinx) remains the highest performing, lowest cost market solution for standalone DMS vehicle integration and now represents nearly one-third of Seeing Machines booked business, and is projected to grow to approximately one half in the future.

increasing convergence from Seeing Machines