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In-vehicle technology in trucks, buses and coaches paper released for comment

A new discussion paper on use of in-vehicle technology in trucks, buses and coaches has been released for industry and public comment.
The National Transport Commission paper ‘Developing a Compliance Framework for Heavy Vehicle Telematics’follows a workshop held with stakeholders in October this year.
The framework looks at the use of telematics in heavy vehicles and their vehicle-based applications including speed, location, travel times, load, mass and vehicle conditions.  It also addresses driver-based applications including monitoring of fatigue, work and rest hours, as well as vehicle-driver approaches which can show how well a driver drives.
NTC Chief Executive and Commissioner Paul Retter said it was important regulators kept up with emerging technologies and their implications for enforcement of road laws, privacy and opportunities to improve safety.
“On one hand the use of telematics in heavy vehicles gives regulators an excellent opportunity to improve road safety, but that must also be balanced against the need to regulate access to data and protect privacy,” Mr Retter said.
“There are also many practical benefits to heavy vehicle companies voluntarily installing telematics in their trucks, buses and other vehicles that go beyond making sure they are compliant with regulations.“Businesses can benefit by gaining insights into their own operations by monitoring vehicle tracking, fuel use, and staff deployment to become more efficient by installing telematics devices,” Mr Retter said.
However, Mr Retter said one of the most significant aims of the draft framework was to provide a nationally consistent treatment of telematics data.
“If heavy vehicle businesses are going to invest in new technologies they want the certainly not only they’re going to meet their business needs, but also meet regulations across state borders.”
The draft framework, which is now available on the NTC website for comment, was developed in consultation with governments, industry and unions.Feedback on the framework will be accepted until February 7, 2014 by lodging a submission via the NTC website.

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