Improving the Culture Within Trucking Businesses

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Here are some top tips from National Transport Insurance’s Kelly McLuckie talking about improving the culture within trucking businesses. Kelly is one of NTI’s experts who works on the company’s Traction program. 

Kelly talks about how to effectively communicate with staff and build a strong team culture so the business stays at the top of its game no matter what the world throws at it! This year has been a tough one for all businesses, but trucking has been under immense pressure to meet increased demand, in some areas, combined with new Covid-related restrictions.

Kelly advises trucking operators to decide on their key messages and stick to their story consistently. When the message is consistent it is easier to ensure everyone in an operation is on the same page.

The next thing to think about is the KISS principle. When you have a clear idea of what the key messages must be from any communication, it is easier to keep it simple and get better cut through with the staff receiving the messages. It is also very important to communicate regularly with staff, being intermittent with any communication will dilute its effectiveness.

From Kelly’s point of view it is best for an operation to over communicate the message they want to get out there. It is also vital to use multiple channels to ensure the message is actually getting across. Studies suggest some people need to hear a message seven times in order for it to cut through. Using social media can offer variety in delivery of the same message.

It is also important to be timely and get the message out straight away and when presenting the message it is important be real, try to be honest and transparent. If you don’t know the answer, tell people you don’t know. 

Communication is a two way street and the art of getting the message across includes listening to people in an organisation. Kelly reckons listening to staff will help them to feel connected. Even when an operation is extremely busy, it is important to make sure management get good feedback from the troops on the ground, this gives them good intelligence and the staff feel respected.

improving the culture within trucking businesses