IKON Adds ROTARY LIFT Heavy Duty to its Portfolio 

IKON adds ROTARY LIFT Heavy Duty to its portfolio

Ikon Equipment extends its extensive range of heavy lifting solutions for the Australian market, as IKON adds ROTARY LIFT Heavy Duty to its portfolio. 


Rotary Lift, based in Madison, Indiana in the US and part of the wider Vehicle Services Group (VSG) corporation, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle lifts and wheel servicing equipment. It has a long list of innovations to its name through its 95-year history. Melbourne-based Ikon Equipment has been supplying heavy-vehicle lifts and workshop solutions to the Australian market for 28 years. 

“They’re a known quantity, they’ve been supporting the market for a long time and people have come to know and trust them in the HD space, so for us it certainly makes sense that we’d want to be part of what they’re doing,” says Nathan Vagg, VSG Business Development Manager. “They also offer a full complement of sales and after-sales support, which is extremely important for us as a business – not only having product that can be sold and delivered but backed up and supported in the field. 

IKON adds ROTARY LIFT Heavy Duty to its portfolio

“Having a relationship with IKON with their sales and after-sales support is not only of a huge benefit to us but the customer who’s buying the product.” 

The new partnership includes ROTARY adding on-ground factory-support personnel to support local distribution and will tap Australian consumers into the full Rotary HD range, which includes everything from 6.2t, 7.5t and 8.5t wireless column lifts, 16.3 and 27.5t four-post hoists, post-less platform lifts and to a range of in-ground lifts. 

“We’ve got good products that are tried, true and tested,” says Nathan. “Our product is also approved against CE and ANSI Standards and goes through rigorous cycle testing under full load to ensure it’s going to be suitable for the purpose. 

“Rotary is synonymous for premium product, low cost of ownership, innovation and being tough and able to perform in a rugged environment. Our track record proves we’ve got product that can stand up in the Australian market.” 

The Rotary HD product line-up includes the company’s flagship 7.5t and 8.5t FlexMAX wireless mobile column lifts, which feature a patented cordless remote-control system that allows the operator to set up, monitor and cycle the lifts from anywhere in the workshop. 

“It gives you the flexibility of being able to control the lift from any position around the vehicle and not be tied to just one column,” says Nathan. “The FlexMAX’s key features are its speed, efficiency and safety. It allows you to lift or lower the vehicle safely and with choice of descent speed, gets the job done right first time.”

IKON adds ROTARY LIFT Heavy Duty to its portfolio

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