Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Kenworths

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Recently the Port of Los Angeles unveiled a new batch of hydrogen powered fuel cell Kenworths and the opening of two hydrogen fuelling stations as part of its strategy to reduce emissions. 

Under the $82.5 million Shore-to-Store project, more than a dozen public and private sector partners have teamed up for a 12-month demonstration of the zero-emissions trucks, including Toyota, Kenworth and Shell.

The large-scale, multiyear demonstration is designed to advance the Port’s Clean Air Action Plan goals and help California achieve statewide climate change, air quality improvement and sustainability targets for reducing greenhouse gases and toxic air emissions. The project is designed to assess the operational and technical feasibility of the vehicles in a heavy-duty setting, as well as to expand infrastructure to support hydrogen throughout the region.

“This project is a model for developing and commercialising the next generation of clean trucks and cargo handling equipment for the region and beyond,” said Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka. “Just as the air we breathe extends beyond the Port’s footprint, so should the clean air and economic benefits we believe this project will yield.”

Toyota Motor North America, designed and built the powertrain’s fuel cell electric power supply system, Kenworth designed and built the trucks with Toyota’s fuel cell electric system; and Shell designed, built and will operate the project’s two new high-capacity hydrogen fuelling stations.

“Shell believes hydrogen offers a promising solution to achieving net-zero emissions both in terms of immediate improvements of local air quality as well as meeting long-term climate goals especially for heavy-duty vehicles and for long-distance travel,” said Paul Bogers, Vice President of Hydrogen for Shell. “That’s why we are working with truck manufacturers, fleets, governments and others to coordinate hydrogen infrastructure investments in high-traffic freight areas like the Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach and the Los Angeles basin.”

Here is the announcement of a similar initiative in China, but with a lot less actual information, as part of the package:


hydrogen powered fuel cell Kenworths