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Hybrid fridge power

Hino, in Japan, have unveiled a hybrid truck designed to use the electrical energy produced by the hybrid unit during regenerative braking and while the truck is cruising to power a refrigeration unit on a truck body. The joint venture between Hino and component manufacturer Denso is said to be a world first.




The new system is to be released on to the Japanese truck market this month, fitted to a Hino Profia (known in Australia as the 700 Series). Improved fuel economy is expected as the fridge unit does not require a separate fuel supply. The unit is said to run quieter than conventional refrigeration units on trucks. It also reduces weight by 150 kg. The option of a plug in power supply can be used when the truck is parked up for long periods without the engine running.


“While Hino’s hybrid technology has been improving truck fuel economy for some time, Hino’s engineers are constantly looking for better ways to improve the efficiency and performance of its vehicles,” said Alex Stewart, Hino Australia Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing and Customer Care. “The fuel savings resulting from this innovation means that the new Hino Profia’s (700 Series) fuel efficiency beats Japan’s 2015 standards by five per cent.


“And the reduced ongoing running costs from simplifying the refrigeration system will make for an even better cost-performance proposition for owners and operators. Hino has a long-term commitment to producing hybrid vehicles that deliver driving performance, fuel economy and low emissions without any operational downside, and the expertise that has come from this is now leading to even greater things.”

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