How Much Information Do You Need?

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Most modern dashboards are getting more and more sophisticated every year, but how much information do you need? The fact of the matter is that the old fashioned dashboard with analogue instruments for everything is fast becoming a thing of the past.

These videos show the depth of the data available at the flick of a switch or the push of a stalk for the modern driver. The amount of information there is on these sophisticated computers running the modern truck is difficult to fathom.

Coming from a generation which learnt to drive by ear with just a speedo, tacho, temperature, pressure and fuel gauges, this level of information is mind blowing. The world has left analogue a long way behind and is fully digital now.

For Diesel News the limited truck testing opportunities available (rarely more than one day) gives this driver very little time to explore just what these systems will do for them. It would not be a surprise to find out that most drivers steering these trucks day in and day out are also far from knowledgeable about the capacity of the system. 

It would be fair to assume that many of them leave the control systems untouched and often ignored.

As the smoky voice talking us through the countless options on the Benz dashboard, the depth of data is clearly demonstrated. There is a way of checking, and sometimes adjusting, just about everything a driver needs to know.

No more walking around and hitting the tyres, the system is checking all of them for you. No more dipsticks, it is done at the touch of a button. When a service is due, the information system reminds the driver.

The system will also monitor the driver and their behaviour. Not only does the driver get reminded regularly about their faults, heavy right foot, heavy braking, bad anticipation etc, but this judgement is also available to the truck’s owner so that any unwanted behaviours can be countered with ‘counselling’.

The video made by the Scania organisation in the UK also shows us how some functions are available when moving, while many more are accessible when the truck is at a standstill. 


how much information do you need?