How Much Disruption Do You Need?

how much disruption do you need?

It is strange how certain buzz words come into our lives, but change their meaning or implications over time, and one of those words is disruption, but for many this year the question is just how much disruption do you need?

For most of the 21st century, disruption was a good thing. New technologies and ideas were coming along and disrupting the way things had been done. The mobile phone has been the bearer of a lot of that disruption, enabling fast and effective communication around the world, coupled with the ability to interact, via that mobile with businesses.

The ability to know where a device is and who it belongs to was added to the ability to message and send data from anywhere within range of a phone tower to anywhere in the world. The amount of data flowing back and forth in such vast amounts allowed disruptors to change the world, to bring efficiencies and economic disruption to many industries.

One of the prime disruptors of our generation has been Uber, a technology which has changed the way people, and now goods move around in the world. The combination of a disruptive application and a lot of of capital backing has transformed other industries, like the taxi industry, disrupting our entire business model.

From the the consumer’s point of view, this disruption was a good thing, making getting about in the modern world easier and cheaper. Overall, it was seen as a positive, by society.

However, in the past 20 months or so disruption has become a dirty word. The pandemic has brought in its wake a global disruption which does no-one any good and which makes life difficult, in different ways for different people.

We have had enough of disruption and it is starting to take its toll on us. The whole world has lost its certainty and feels insecure about the future. This is the point where we need to think about each other and how we are going to get through all of this safely.

To help us through these times, Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds Foundation has launched a webinar and toolbox talk series aiming to support industry participants with their implementation of the National Mental Health and Wellbeing Roadmap, and provide the wider workforce with practical tips for maintaining mental health and physical wellbeing.

how much disruption do you need?

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