How is the Year Going to Pan Out?

how is the year going to pan out?

Many in the trucking industry are asking the question, how is the year going to pan out? We are all mighty tired of the whole pandemic situation but it is not going to go away anytime soon, and perhaps never.

The whole of planning for the future must be based on contingency. There is no point looking at something a few months down the track and saying it is definite. The only thing which is definite, is that we will have to plan around the possibility of lockdowns, border closures, venue closures etc.

The most important thing is how we react to these pressures, how we let the whole business affect our actions. If we were world-class tennis players then we can just sit around in hotel rooms whingeing on Instagram, but we are not, we just have to get on with, whatever the situation throws at us.

In fact, in this situation, the trucking industry is probably the best prepared industry in Australia for the current situation. The whole idea of running a load of concurrent contingencies is bread and butter to any operations team in any trucking business.

It is all about getting the goods to the right door at the right time, no matter what the situation. Trucking people have to deal with fire, flood, road closures, fallen trees, congestion, breakdowns, border closures and so much more. And not just for the past year or so, it has always been like this, it’s just the way we work.

The trick for the trucking industry should be us to bottle whatever it is that ensures the freight gets there on time or as close as possible, every time and consistently. Trucking people should be consulted by the rest of industry in how to use belt and braces and then some more belts and braces to make sure that just about every contingency is covered.

Many of us have had that phone call about an engine fire or a closed road or a late loading time and what do we do? Certainly not give up, but just improvise, and keep on improvising until the job gets done. 

I started this article talking about all of the doom and gloom around the pandemic and ended up reminding everyone in the industry just how naturally resourceful we are in a crisis.

how is the year going to pan out?