Hino’s 3 month promo includes truck purchase price up for grabs and free safety upgrades

Hino Australia has announced a raft of special offers for light duty truck buyers over the next three months, including free automatic transmission upgrades, free reversing camera and the opportunity for customers to win back the purchase price of their truck.130503b5075hrweb

According to Hino Australia’s Division Manager for Sales, James Morris, the free reversing camera and automatic transmission upgrade to Hino’s 300 Series range adds more than $3000 worth of value and improves the safety offering for Hino truck buyers.
“The safety and comfort of our customers has always been at the forefront of our minds at Hino,” Mr Morris said.”Our integrated reversing camera offers our customers increased visibility and gives them the situational awareness to manoeuvre safely, regardless of the situation.”The simplicity and ease of use of Hino’s proven Aisin-based automatic transmission means Hino drivers can concentrate on the task at hand and their environment, rather than the friction point of a clutch.”It also means that our customers can assert greater control in low-speed environments, thanks to the low-speed creep ability of Hino’s torque-convertor automatic gearbox.”Hino’s safety campaign means the 300 Series now offers an impressive suite of safety features, including four-wheel ventilated disc brakes with ABS, Brake Assist and VSC, reversing cameras, automatic transmission, front under-run protection system, dual front SRS airbags and a truck-specific satellite navigation system.

The Aisin-based Hino six-speed automatic has a fuel-saving torque converter lock-up in five ratios, while the learning characteristics of its transmission control unit can comfortably adapt the gearbox to the driving style of the driver.

The six-speed auto has a ‘neutral control’ feature which electronically switches the transmission to neutral when the truck is stationary and the brakes are applied, reducing engine and drivetrain load and offering significant reductions in fuel consumption.

Hino’s 4.0-litre engine is equipped with a common-rail fuel injection system and variable geometry turbo technology to achieve lower emissions and uncompromised power and fuel efficiency.

Mr Morris said the chance for 300 Series retail customers to win back the price of their truck would be an enticing opportunity for light-duty truck buyers.

“Being able to win up to $80,000 back on the cost of a new Hino 300 Series is such an exciting concept for us and our customers; in most cases, this covers the entire cost of their truck,” he said.

“It represents a huge bonus for owner-drivers and small business owners – every retail and small sole-fleet buyer of 300 Series trucks will go into the draw to win.

“The 300 Series is the safest it’s ever been, further extending its mantle as Australia’s safest light-duty truck, and we’ve packed it full of extra value.

“All up, it means that right now is the best time in recent memory to pick up a new 300 Series truck,” Mr Morris said.

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