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New BTE tipper and five-axle dog trailers are proving to be a top choice for Central Pre-Mix Concrete. (Images by Charlie Suriano)

The building industry in Melbourne always seems to be in full swing judging from the silhouettes of cranes that are always a feature of the Melbourne skyline.

Central Pre-Mix Concrete is one of Melbourne’s leading sand, aggregate and pre-mixed concrete suppliers, operating modern high-capacity batch plants that supply specialised mixes including topping, foundations, blinding, high-strength, stencil and pattern paving across the greater metropolitan area, and leading into the outer urban areas.

The company is a subsidiary of Adelaide Brighton Limited, a construction materials supplier of cement and lime, concrete and aggregates and concrete products. The business employs 1500 people across Australia and services construction contractors, concreters and builders. A computerised system loads materials and batches to exact specifications, feeding agitators as small as 0.4 cubic metres to as large as 7.6 cubic metres.

It’s always an exciting time for a company to take delivery of new equipment and for Central Pre-Mix Concrete that new equipment comes in the form of BTE tipper bodies fitted to Scania G 500 XTs. They will also haul five axle, all-aluminium dog trailers, again supplied by BTE and built to comply with PBS requirements running on HML Level 2 permitted routes. They can operate at a gross combination weight of 63 tonne.

The high-tensile aluminium bodies and fabricated Strenx 700MPa high-strength steel deliver a low-tare weight trailer chassis, with the dog trailer having a capacity for 31 cubic metres and the tipper holding 15.5 cubic metres.

The BTE combinations also feature V-Orlandi 50 mm tow couplings with an open/closed warning sensor in cabin and Camilleri mesh hoop tarps with 24-Volt PowerTarps motors and in-cabin switches.

The trailers run on SAF Holland Intra Series airbag suspension featuring air disc brakes and incorporate a single-axle lift, EBS braking system and iROS T – Tipper stability sensor (that warns drivers of potentially unsafe lean on the tipper when being raised). There’s also an EBS transducer with back-to-cabin gross reader and the innovative air-actuated body safety props. Many of these features are integrated into the truck’s standard body electronics.

“As part of the specification BTE fitted a Quicksilver plastic floor liner, which prevents product build up and binding,” said BTE’s Area Sales Manager, Darren Jean.

“We have found that this liner provides superior abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance, extending the trailer life, benefiting our customers,” he added.

As a final flourish, the combination runs on Jost polished aluminium wheels covered by stainless steel guards, while Narva provides all-round LED lighting.

Luke Aiello, Central Pre-Mix Concrete Transport Supervisor said: “We are very focused on safety as a business. As a part of the leading construction materials supplier, Adelaide Brighton Limited, our parent company, we are committed to providing a safe place of work for our drivers.”

The six-cylinder, 13-litre, 500 hp Scania engine fitted to the G 500 XT is fully Euro6 emissions compliant, using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. Peak torque of 2550 Nm is rated at 1000 -1300 rpm, with maximum power of 368 kW at 1900 rpm, presenting an ideal solution for working in congested traffic conditions with multiple stops and starts each hour while grossing over 60-tonne.

By changing from previous brands to Scania there are a lot of new features for the drivers to become familiarised. Scania’s driver trainers personally explain all of the systems, including the use and effectiveness of the transmission retarders, so the company drivers can gain the greatest benefit in terms of fuel economy and operational efficiency.

“The Scania NTG is the safest truck available, with all the airbags and the active systems such as adaptive cruise control and advanced emergency braking,” said Luke.

“One of the safety innovations fitted to this new combination of Scania G 500 XT and the BTE tipper and five-axle dog is a pop-up safety prop for when the tipping body is lifted.

This will enhance safety for our operators.

“The indications on fuel consumption have led us to believe that we should be able to see an improvement on the 1.5 to 1.6 km per litre of our existing vehicle fleet. Given the fact these trucks can travel up to 5500 km per week, this could potentially deliver us a significant saving on running costs,” said Luke.

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