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The latest Sloanebuilt tipper and dog trailer sets a high standard for Guildford Demolition

Taking delivery of a brand-new truck and trailer combination is always an exciting time, and for Guildford Demolition the arrival of its latest purchase sets a new benchmark for appearance.

“We’re very happy with the Sloanebuilt product, and, although we’ve had Sloanebuilt bodies before in our fleet, this is the first brand-new version built exactly to our specification,” said Huss of Guildford Demolition.Sloanebuilt_trailers_Guildford_Demolition_Bisalloy_tipper-bodies_4

“We’re very happy with the quality and the whole experience has been good, from buying the new Kenworth through Sutton’s of Arncliffe to working with Sloanebuilt,” he added.

Guildford Demolition specialises in working on excavation and demolition contracts, predominantly in the Sydney metropolitan area. Joining the existing fleet of Freightliner tipper and dog trailer combinations is a new Kenworth T409 SAR.

Powered by a Cummins ISXe5 diesel engine using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) rated at 550 hp, the new Kenworth is the first SCR engine to join the fleet and features an 18-speed Eaton Roadranger manual transmission and Meritor rear axles.

Ben Weckworth of Sloanebuilt Trailers took up the story with an explanation about the specification of the new Bisalloy tipping bodies fitted to both the rigid truck and trailer.

“It’s a combination that looks fabulous on the road, due to the high quality Dodge Viper Blue metallic paintwork of the bodies that compliments the same colour applied to the Kenworth T409,” said Ben.

The Sloanebuilt tipper bodSloanebuilt-trailers_Guildford_Demolition_Bisalloy_tipper-bodies_7y on the Kenworth is 4570 mm (15 ft) in length and 1370 mm (4 ft 6 in) in height to give a capacity of 13.8 cubic metres. The floor thickness is 6 mm while the sides are constructed from 5 mm sheet. Tailgate operation is through a single booster with a double acting ram.

The truck hoist is from Hyva and is a 24 tonnes capacity unit fitted with a burst prevention valve. The power take off (PTO) pump is by Powauto and provides a capacity of 21 gpm rating.

The metallic blue paintwork extends across the mudguards, and the black chassis for the trailer matches the colour scheme of the truck itself. The truck to trailer coupling uses a 50 mm Ringfeder working with a PBS 40 tonnes rated Sloanebuilt ADR certified towbar. Each bin is fitted with a Slide-A-Panel rollover tarping system by Georges Canvas of Smeaton Grange.

“The Ringfeder coupling is fitted with Sloanebuilt audible automatic alarms for jackknifing alert, and the couplings use WABCO triomatic air connections,” said Ben.

The three-axle dog Hi-body Sloanebuilt trailer is also constructed from Bisalloy and has dimensions of 6100 mm (21 ft) with a height of 1370 mm (4 ft 6 in) to provide a payload capacity of 18 cubic metres. Once again the floor thickness is 6 mm with side panel thickness of 5 mm Bisalloy. The rear hoist selected for the trailer is again by Hyva, rated at 32 tonnes capacity.Sloanebuilt_trailers_Guildford_Demolition_Bisalloy_tipper-bodies_2

“The chassis for the dog trailer is based on using high-tensile steel pressed chassis beams configured as a heavy-duty I-beam with airbag reinforcement plates and stainless quarter guards,” said Ben

“Hendrickson aluminium hub axles with Hendrickson INTRAAX airbag suspension, and 10-stud 285 mm PCD centrifuge drum brakes are used throughout with the addition of a Hendrickson chromed digital hubmeter. Alcoa aluminium polished Durabriite rims with Bridgestone R187 11R22.5 sized tyres complete the trailer specification.

“The trailer drawbar is 4100 mm in length and constructed from 75x75x6 mm RHS and is fitted with a JOST KLKSO1000/24 single ball race turntable. Hella LED marker lights and driving lamps are fitted throughout the combination,” added Ben.

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