Helping hand for NSW B-double operators

already behind the eight ball

Operators intending to take advantage of reduced B-double lead (A trailer) registration charges by cancelling and re-registering their vehicles will not need an inspection. The announcement was made recently by Peter Wells, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) director, customer and compliance.

“The decision affects about 3200 trailers in New South Wales with some operators set to save thousands of dollars in registration fees,” Wells said. “Registration fees for A trailers have been reduced after the industry indicated substantial increases to fees for registering these trailers since 2007 had caused significant hardship. 

“To help heavy vehicle operators take advantage of the reduced charges by cancelling and re-establishing their trailer registrations, RMS will exempt the vehicle inspection requirement until August 31, 2012,” he added.

The concession is available under the following conditions:

• Registration must be cancelled and re-established on the same day;
• Registration must be re-established in the same name and at the same garaging address;
• No details of the vehicle must change;
• The concession is only available up to and including August 31 this year.

Many NSW transport operators are expected to take advantage of this concession so a dedicated email address has been created to manage requests.

Customers choosing to take advantage of this concession will need to email with the following information:

? Customer number;
? Name;
? Contact details – including email, phone and mail address;
? Plate number/s;
? Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).


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