Heavy vehicle charges 2013/14 released

F1020rom July 1,2013, an updated schedule of heavy vehicle charges will apply to Australian operators.

The Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon. Anthony Albanese has approved a 2.5 per cent increase to the fuel-based road user charge (RUC).
This equates to a 0.64 cents/litre increase in the RUC for heavy vehicles to 26.14 cents/litre. Heavy vehicle registration charges will also rise by 2.5%.
However, further rises may come into force next year as well.
The National Transport Commission (NTC) calculates charges in accordance with the Model Heavy Vehicle Charges Act and principles set by both the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure and the Council of Australian Governments.
At the May 18, 2012 SCOTI meeting, Transport Ministers agreed that the National Transport Commission would complete a comprehensive review of the heavy vehicle charging system, including the balance of charging mechanisms and a review of the assumptions and methodologies used to determine charges to ensure they are practical and fair.
Following the completion of the review, the NTC has begun developing options for a new heavy vehicle charges determination. ‘Determination’ refers to the process the NTC undertakes to review the way heavy vehicle charges are set, including making specific recommendations on what the charges should be.
The first step of this process will be to prepare a draft regulation impact statement (RIS) for public consultation in November 2013. This will include identifying registration and fuel charges under different options, for discussion.
The NTC will present recommendations to SCOTI in February 2014, and if approved, the new charges determination will be implemented from July 1, 2014.
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