Heavy Vehicle Mobile Column Lifts – The Ultimate in Versatility

versatility, reliability, and maximum safety features

In a busy workshop, there is always a lot of activity; meaning you need versatility, reliability, and maximum safety features in all of your chosen equipment.


You need to know that you can trust your tools, so productivity meets demand when the pressure is on.

For a workshop to thrive, you must be versatile enough to work on all types of vehicles, big and small, heavy or light. Heavy vehicle mobile column lifts ensure that you are always prepared for whatever drives in your door.

What is a Mobile Column Lift?

Stertil-Koni offers superior solutions for heavy-duty lifting requirements, including their range of mobile column lifts.

Unlike fixed platform, scissor lifts or inground mounted lifts, a mobile column lift is a single column hoist that can be moved around the workshop thanks to their synthetic wheels and hydraulic pallet truck mechanism – but perhaps most importantly – be connected to other mobile column lifts to create a fully customised lifting solution.

The size of the vehicle to be lifted (and your workshop layout) will determine how many columns you need to complete your lift. One of the exciting features of the Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts range is that you can synchronise up to 32 individual columns. 

Depending on your chosen model, each mobile column has a lifting capacity of either 7.5 tons, 8.5 tons or 10 tons. In a setup with 32 columns, this could give you a total lifting capacity of 320 tons. That’s a whole lot of vehicle!

Wireless vs Cabled Models

If your workshop space is tight and doesn’t offer much flexibility, a set-up that is plugged into mains power with extra strong drive-over cables may the appropriate solution. All interconnection cables are equipped with heavy-duty plugs at either end for maximum safety.

In workshops where your hoist set up needs to be moved around regularly, you may opt to fit out with a wireless version to avoid wasting time connecting and moving cables.  This option also reduces trip hazards in your workshop. 

A wireless mobile column lift setup offers great flexibility, and, in most cases, they are equipped with special deep cycle batteries that only need to be recharged fortnightly.

Sustainable Options

versatility, reliability, and maximum safety features

versatility, reliability, and maximum safety features

The Stertil-Koni range also includes the EARTHLIFT, which has been recognised as “the most environmentally-friendly wireless mobile column lift in the world”.

Several features make the EARTHLIFT a socially responsible choice for workshops, but the key is its patented Active Energy Retrieval System.  

In a nutshell, the system uses the energy generated by the raised vehicle as it comes back down, i.e., it regains the gravitational energy. This translates to 50 full lifting cycles before needing to recharge batteries – less downtime for battery charging = optimum workshop productivity.

Control at Your Fingertips

All Stertil-Koni heavy vehicle mobile column lifts feature the intuitive touch screen ebright Smart Control System. Every aspect of your lift is always accessible right at your fingertips.

The ebright Smart Control System is the most user-friendly and technologically advanced controller on the market. Warning, failure and maintenance notifications are clearly displayed on the full-colour high resolution 7” screen that is a dream to operate. And, by the way, the touch screen even works when wearing gloves!

Learn more about ebright here.

Advanced Safety Features and Superior Components 

Stertil-Koni components are unmatched in the industry. Their entire range of mobile column lifts are ALi approved, CE Certified and comply with all Australian standards.

Every product has been developed using premium components and the highest level of quality control. Productivity and longevity are key to ensuring maximum ROI, and the safety features are unsurpassed.

Of course, no vehicle hoist would be usable without reliable hydraulics and mechanisms that will not fail. Stertil-Koni goes above and beyond to equip all their products with safety features that provide long serviceable life with minimal repair and maximum durability.

All hydraulics are stringently tested before leaving the factory and crafted to ensure maximum cylinder protection and seal against damage.

Built in auto detection of hazards means that staff and vehicles are always safe. 

Key Features 

  • Multi-master control – any  column can be the master control for maximum versatility
  • Connect up to a max of 32 columns 
  • Mesh communication system with military-grade wireless communication  (wireless models)
  • ebright Smart Control System
  • Wireless and cabled models available
  • Simple recharging of wireless models via a 230 V wall socket.
  • Fast lifting and lowering – the ST1075 only takes 75 seconds to reach its maximum lifting height of 1850mm!
  • The unique synchronisation system makes for a smooth lifting and lowering cycle – even when loads are unevenly distributed
  • Precision synchronisation begins at 15mm height – it will auto level as soon as the system detects 15mm of difference
  • Independent locking positions and manual locking and unlocking available
  • Adjustable pick-up forks and retractable wheels
  • Adjustable lowering speed
  • Precision built with only 35mm gap between locks. Competitors can have 50-75mm.
  • Balanced columns with the power unit located to prevent columns from being top heavy.
  • Locks engage at 125mm off the floor 
  • Deadman button located at the front of the lift in case an emergency stop is needed.
  • No safety requirement for axle stands due to the locking mechanisms.


Stertil-Koni understands that heavy vehicle lifts are a big investment. Although their products are precision built and unlikely to break down, the company provides an added safeguard with one of the best warranties in the business.

All Stertil-Koni mobile column lift models come with comprehensive two-year parts and labour warranty. It is strengthened even further with a lifetime warranty on the roller system.  

You can’t beat a good quality heavy vehicle mobile column lift for versatility in your workshop.  Give us a call today to discuss the best setup for your needs.

versatility, reliability, and maximum safety features

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