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Hancock resigns from NHVR

In a statement from Bruce Baird, Chairman of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), the resignation of the regulator’s CEO, Richard Hancock, has been accepted. The resignation has immediate effect.The reason quoted in the announcement is Hancock is leaving for personal and family health reasons.

Richard Hancock

Chief Financial Officer and General Manager, Corporate Services, Melinda Bailey, will take on the responsibility of Acting Chief Executive of the NHVR until a permanent replacement is announced, says the announcement.

Richard Hancock had become a familiar face around the trucking industry in recent years. First as Project CEO for the NHVR, and then taking on the role of CEO when the NHVR came into existence. His time in the role has been characterised by his great efforts to improve communication.

Hancock has appeared at numerous conferences, other industry gatherings and development workshops over the past few years. His open speaking style and willingness to field difficult questions gained him a lot of friends in the trucking industry.

Recent months have seen a great deal of pressure build on the NHVR and, consequently on its most visible representative and CEO. Several false starts at the outset of the NHVR were followed by a delay in the introduction of national permitting. When the permit system did come on line, it was immediately in crisis with a massive backlog developing in the first feqw days of operation.

The implications of the problems were bound to take a toll on Hancock personally, and on his family. Clearly, the stress of the current situation has made his continuance in the role impossible.

Diesel News wishes Richard well in any future role he takes up and hopes his openness, and willingness to talk to the stakeholders involved, will set an example for others heading up organisations dealing with the trucking industry to follow.

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