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Hamelex White was recently chosen to supply a new fleet of PBS-approved rigid and four axle dog combinations for the prominent WestConnex construction contract in Sydney.

The WestConnex project involves the construction of a 33 kilometre motorway, two thirds of which is underground. It is considered one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Australia’s history and consists of six separate design and construction projects. Part of one of those projects is being undertaken by ResourceCo, which will be making use of eight new Hamelex White Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved rigid and four axle dog tipper combinations through contracted company, Railroad Transport.

Railroad Transport ordered the eight tipper combinations from MaxiTRANS as part of a broader order of over 50 Hamelex White units by ResourceCo’s contractors.

The Hamelex White rigid and four axle dogs were Railroad Transport’s first foray into PBS. Though the high productivity scheme can be complicated for a newcomer, Justin said the expertise from MaxiTRANS made it incredibly simple. He knew the Company was one of the manufacturers leading the charge with PBS, having produced thousands of approved combinations. “We just told MaxiTRANS what we wanted, which was safe combinations under 19m that could access Level 2 routes, with the maximum possible payload,” Justin said. “It came back with a design recommendation that suited both our transport task and the Mack Trident trucks we had purchased. It was as simple as that.” Answering the Railroad requirements, the new Hamelex White PBS-approved rigid and four axle dog tipper combinations boast a payload of just under 37 tonnes and can access the metro and residential areas in Sydney.

For additional safety, Justin said the Hamelex White tippers are specified with electric tarps and a tipping mechanism that can be activated from inside the cab, so the drivers don’t need to set foot on-site during a delivery. “We haven’t missed anything with these tippers, they’re the safest possible design and make the job as easy as possible for the drivers,” he says.

With his first PBS-approved combinations in operation and proving to be a success, Justin is looking at bringing PBS into other areas of the business. “PBS is absolutely the way forward and it’s thanks to companies like MaxiTRANS who have put in all the hard work and made it easy for us to benefit from the higher payloads and increased productivity,” he said. “It’s just part of its customer-first focus.”



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