Halving the Time to Change Brake Rotors

halving the time to change brake rotors

Every workshop is looking for solutions which save time on a task and no-one would walk away from halving the time to change brake rotors. Usually, if time can be saved it can also make the job safer and easier. That is certainly the case for workshops adopting the Brakemate System.

Brakemate reduces the likely hood of an injury from the manual handling of 30-45 kg calliper and the 70kg rotor/hub, it takes the high risk out of the separation of rotor and the hub which is often performed manually. The Brakemate system uses hydraulics to remove them from the vehicle. Those same hydraulics can then be used to separate hub and rotor. The equipment also includes a gadget for removing the calliper before removal. Using air over hydraulics, the system virtually eliminates the physical effort involved in an often difficult job. 

Diesel Workshop spoke to Hermant Singh, Workshop Manager, who has a team of 13 technicians maintaining a 95 strong fleet at Latrobe Valley Bus Lines from Morwell in Victoria, about the impact the Brakemate has had in the company’s workshop.


halving the time to change brake rotors


“Brakemate will lift the calliper, break the hub out and let you change the rotor on it, all while you are standing up,” says Hermant. “You don’t have to bend down to lift anything. Also, we can do the job in half the time. Our mechanics come in all shapes and sizes so, with this equipment our smaller people can do this heavier work.”

From Hermant’s point of view he sees eliminating the chance and cost of serious injury to a technician as another advantage on the system. There is no need to lift or carry any of the heavy components involved. 

Apart from investing in halving the time to change brake rotors, the company has also invested in a windscreen lifter as well, to handle another of the heavier tasks in the workshop. This means one mechanic can handle a job, which used three in the past. 


halving the time to change brake rotors