Growing a Serious Trucking Operation

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This video gives us a look inside the GTS, G1 trucking operation and allows Damian Matthews, Managing Director of the GTS Group, to tell us his story and talk about growing a serious trucking operation.

The company has grown out of the Sunraysia area in North-West Victoria into a genuinely national operation moving freight around the whole country. 440 trailers, 120 trucks and over 50 sub-contractors makes the GTS operation a part of a growing set of fleets, which are not like the giants of the industry like Toll and Linfox, but have found a way to develop a flexible and efficient business model to enable them to compete toe-to-toe with the really big boys.

All around the country, there are a number of operators who have grown out of regional areas. After initial growth developing for the freight needs of their home towns, these companies have been smart about growth and developed a business model, which allows them to remain based in their regional centres but provide national companies with a truly national distribution service.

The strengths of these regional communities is the way these operators are able to grow quickly and be fast on their feet, adapting to the needs of the transport customers, quickly and with plenty of smart solutions on offer.

Damian talks about the GTS ‘can-do’ attitude and this is one of those attributes people in regional areas hare able to leverage into the growth of the business without losing that core philosophy. This is something which is more difficult to develop and retain in a large corporate entity.

While the massive fleets have grown over the years, a lot of the growth in the trucking industry in the last twenty or so years has been achieved by a considerable number of smaller fleets based in regional areas and providing an efficient, quality service to very big customers.

growing a serious trucking operation

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