How an idea about conservation became a major industry with a large involvement in transport

Back in 2000, Geoff Harridge saw the opportunity to reduce the burning of timber waste by the Cypress timber industry and convert the material into usable bark and mulch products. With research, product development and a significant investment, Geoff finally developed his first Cypress product, the Cypress genuine red mulch.

The six-star Palazzo Versace hotel complex on the Gold Coast provided the team with the first major endorsement of their product by specifying the use of Cypress Genuine Red Mulch and Cypress Bark & Mulch around the luxury property. That move alone created instant demand, and in the ensuing years the company increased its supply to the point that its Cypress products can now be found in large national retailers including Bunnings and Mitre 10, as well as in local landscape supply stores.

As a wholesale operation based at North Tivoli in Queensland, Cypress Bark & Mulch does not supply its products direct to the general public, preferring to maintain its distribution network through bulk deliveries to its resellers.Graham_Lusty_Trailers_Cypress-Bulk_Transport_14

“Cypress Bulk Transport is the sister company to Cypress Bark & Mulch and looks after the distribution of our products across Queensland and NSW,” said general manager, David Harridge.

“We distribute to our Reseller network using our Truck and Dog combinations including a DAF 8-wheeler Walking Floor and super dog tipper and the Isuzu and the Kenworth truck and quad dog combinations. Our bulk materials are hauled in for manufacturing using our Cypress bulk transport B Doubles and Road Trains.

“Recently we added a new tri-t”ri B-double 26-metre tipping combination that was designed and manufactured specifically to our operating criteria by Graham Lusty Trailers of Brisbane.

“This new B-double trailer combination has a total capacity of 120 over 120m3, with 2.5-metre high sidewalls that in turn give the unit an overall height of 4.3 metres. The lead “Slider” trailer can be used as a B-double or in road train configuration thanks to the fitment of a Ringfeder coupling.

“The tubs themselves are manufactured using Matilda aluminium planks, more commonly used on aluminium walking-floor trailers. Because of the inherent strength of this type of construction, a second coaming rail is not required to provide a join for side sheets, and, consequently, the tare weight is extremely attractive at 7500 kg for the lead trailer and 7100 kg for the B-trailer.

Graham_Lusty_Trailers_Cypress-Bulk_Transport_8“The Matilda planks maintain side stiffness without the risk of the sidewalls bellying out when carrying full loads. Another significant advantage is that the walls can be easily repaired in the event of any damage. It is a relatively simple process to remove a panel or two and replace it,” added David.

“We chose Graham Lusty Trailers (GLT) as the manufacturer/designer for our expanding fleet for a number of reasons. We needed a maximum cubic capacity trailer that had the ideal combination in volume for the lead trailer and the B trailer. This results in our being able to service our customers via split loading whilst maximising bulk stock supplies for our Cypress Bark & Mulch business.

“The new GLT combination provides us with a stable platform to tip on multiple sites safely and effectively, and the trailers needed to be light in weight, strong and reliable to maximise loads and minimise downtime. The use of electric tarps also facilitates faster turnaround time during the unloading operation,” added David.

The new B-double combination features Hendrickson Intraax air suspension with HXL7 drum brakes and uses load-proportioning valves as an alternative to full electronic braking systems with ABS and roll-stability protection.

Each unit is fitted with a Hidromas hydraulic hoist, Alcoa Ultra ONE bright outer and polished inner rims and Kumho radial ply tyres. The specification also includes a JOST turntable and landing legs, Razor electrically powered retracting tarps, access doors and two-way tailgates with air-activated finger locks.

This unit is the first for Cypress Bulk & Mulch that is fitted with the latest Right Weigh Inc. digital load scales that communicates with the driver through a smartphone app. The app is part of a free download and provides the operator with live telemetry on the individual trailer weights.Graham_Lusty_Trailers_Cypress-Bulk_Transport_2

The Wedge Advantage

Ever mindful of the need by operators to maximise payloads, Graham Lusty Trailers (GLT) has developed a wedge design of body that provides the same increase in capacity as a drop-deck body, but is lighter and stronger.

“Where a drop-deck chassis requires a chassis beam to be joined at the step down, our wedge chassis has no joins and is therefore stronger and lighter,” said GLT’s operations manager, James Yerbury.

“The wedge body has a progressive drop in the floor of 300 mm. This style body can be manufactured in a chassis tipper or tip-over-axle form. GLT has been able to produce these units as light as 6.1 tonnes for a 62-cubic-metre, 38-foot-long, tip-over axle,” added James Yerbury.

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