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Carrying herbs to market has a special meaning for James Vassallo

Wilberforce NSW-based Gourmet Herbs has developed into a major supplier to specialist restaurants and food providores, developed from an original idea by Jane Vassallo as her family looked for a point of difference in farming through which it could expand their family nursery.

As the reputation of Gourmet Herbs grew, Jane’s son James joined the business and today he has realised a lifelong dream of driving trucks, as he delivers 30 different types of herbs from the farm to wholesale outlets such as Flemington Markets and specialist restaurants.

“My passion for trucks started when I was in high school. I used to sit in class and draw my dream truck. As a kid I always dreamed of a Kenworth. If we passed trucks on the highway I’d be telling my parents what type of truck it was,” said James

“I got my truck HR licence back in 2012 as soon as I started working on the farm, driving an 8×4 Kenworth K100 that our family had originally bought from Napoli Transport. That was powered by a 525 hp Cummins N14 with an 18-speed Roadranger and it made me realise how much I loved driving,” said James.

Prior to ordering the new Kenworth SAR, James and his girlfriend Elly Waddups had spent hours discussing colourschemes and specification, and, with Elly’s input, they settled on a dark green paintwork for both the cab and sleeper and the curtainsider body.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck and just a week after ordering the truck Elly was involved in a single car accident from which she was not to survive. Now, some eight months later, Elly’s name is commemorated, written on the front of the SAR that James drives alone.


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