Go Go Van for Australia?

The very successful Hong Kong based smart phone app based logistics company Go Go Van plan to expand to Australia. The app matches up loads and vans instantly in a similar way to the taxi hailing apps becoming more popular on smart phones.

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The business was set up just last year by Hong Kong entrepreneur Steven Lam to help people with something to move connect to truck drivers. The start up has plans to roll out the app in a number of Asian cities this year and includes Australia as one of its targets.

“We’re an app-based last-mile logistics company that aspires to better connect drivers and customers using technology,” said Calvin Chan, Head of Global Operations at Go Go Van. “Our company is looking for talented and entrepreneurial folks to join the team. Really hope to hear back from some of you!”

In the first ten months of operation the business has grown to be the biggest van and truck fleet in Hong Kong, with a turnover of over $6 million. By going online through the app customers can connect with 14,000 drivers who are able to handle the freight task required.


On the smart phone, customers set out the route and requirements of the freight movement and drivers respond in 10 to 15 seconds, on average. The consignor can track the van and driver via GPS. Those using the service can rate the driver, in terms of service and reliability, and the drivers rating is displayed on the site when they respond to a job request. A persistent low rating sees the driver dropped from the system.


Currently, the Hong Kong operation handles 7,000 operations per day, with customers ranging from individuals up to major corporations required something moved quickly.



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