Getting Young People Into the Industry

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It has to become a major priority for trucks and trucking, getting young people into the industry. This video shows smart young people finding something which involves working with trucks, which they are proud to talk about.

It is going to take more than a few videos to make the change in society to a point where trucks and trucking are no longer where you go if you can’t get anything else. The task of changing deeply held perceptions is going to take a concerted effort on the part of everyone in the game. 

These two diesel technicians do tell a good story, and a hopeful and positive one. There just needs to be more like this and a consistent approach at every level of the industry to make the change from last choice profession to one of the first choices.

One of the issues creating a barrier is coming from the culture in the industry, which is not one which is inclusive and welcoming. Operators wanting to employ a more diverse workforce struggle just getting over the idea that working in the industry is not how it is portrayed in the media (thank you A Current Affair!) and has moved on into the 21st century.

Another thing which young people find attractive is being able to set goals and achieve them. Showing these ambitious young people how the hard work involved in getting into the industry can be worth it, means they can set goals to aim for and will be able to get there. 

An example is the young technician in the Scania video who sees the opportunity to work overseas as an achievable aim and will make doing the hard yards now worth it. Showing young people where they can get to, and demonstrate that these results can be achieved is a vital part of getting young people to consider the trucking industry as an attractive option. 

getting young people into the industry