Getting the Safety Message Out There

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Using the side curtains of a truck are a very good way of getting the safety message out there. It’s the size of a big billboard and its travelling on  the road, where the message it can get the idea across.

This particular initiative is running on the highways in Victoria and the message is being displayed on a truck belonging to Power’s Country Express, based in Bendigo. The truck runs regularly along the Calder and Hume Highways, in and out of Melbourne.

The initiative is part of the Truck Wise Project devised by Bendigo Tech School, which also involves children using virtual reality to see just what a truck driver sees as cars move around it..

Bendigo serves as a hub for more far flung regional towns like Swan Hill, Castlemaine, Kyneton, Rochester and Echuca and all the areas in between. The freight coming into Power’s in Bendigo, for distribution further afield is many and varied, as is the freight coming in from those areas for onward shipment into the capital city.

getting the safety message out there

“I started back in 1998, with a van running to Swan Hill every night,” says Power’s founder, Damien Power. “I was out of school and had done a year at uni, an opportunity came up. I was looking around for something to do and the opportunity came up to start my own business. It was worth giving it a try.

“It just developed from there, we have just built on it, and now it is our 21st year. We still have our existing customers who we had at day dot, but we have built on that over time. We have grown along with a few of the companies that we deal with.

“We have now got it to the point where we have 31 vehicles and 50 staff. We now have a few national clients and some smaller local ones. For some of them we cover the area around Bendigo and we’re running freight in and out of Melbourne every night.”

getting the safety message out there

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