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UD Trucks rebuilds with new products and a fresh emphasis on ability.

The UD truck brand is been renowned for reliability backed by a very strong service history with local councils and, more recently, with the container traffic operations heading into Sydney ports and with pick-up and delivery fleets.

UD made some important announcements at the Brisbane Truck Show that PowerTorque feels were overshadowed by some members of the industry that promoted the more glamorous long-haul, high-horsepower interstate operations.

The company launched the current Quon back in 2017 and as Power Torque’s Brenton O’Connor reported at the time, it shared components with the Volvo Group, including engines, transmissions, axles and safety systems.

This commonality or similarity of technical aspects provides an advantage to operators with sharper pricing of components through the economies of scale achieved from much larger sales volumes, and the greater efficiencies that result from the investment by the whole group.

The components are selected to suit the operators expected applications, such as the Quon’s 11-litre engine that is specified to meet the Japanese emissions standards, which are slightly higher than the Euro6 mandated levels.

Tare weight of the latest version has been reduced across the range, with UD Trucks Australia vice-president Mark Strambi confirming a reduction of “between 100 and 250 kg dependent upon the variant selected”.

The GH11TD engine is a 10.84-litre, inline, six-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engine. For the Quon it’s available in three different power outputs ranging from 287 kW to 338 kW (390-460 hp), with torque output rated between 1750 and 2200 Nm.

Matching this power and torque is the sixth version of its ESCOT automated manual transmission (AMT). ESCOT stands for Easy, Safe, Controlled, Transmission and it features 12 forward and two reverse gears, including a manual mode.

Virtually identical to the industry benchmarked Volvo I-Shift, the ESCOT is the only transmission offering with no alternative manual transmission available.

The Quon is available in both prime mover and rigid specifications and a variety of wheelbase and driveline options. These options include 4×2 and 6×4 prime mover spec, 6×2 rigid, 6×4 in long wheelbase for rigid trays and curtain-siders, and as a short-wheelbase rigid for tipper bodies.

The UD Quon has a maximum GCM of 60 tonnes for B-double applications, based upon the GW 26 460 model. However, upon specific customer application and engineering approval by UD, this GCM can be increased to higher weights.  Disc brakes are fitted as standard equipment

Now the 11-litre Quon has a new sibling, in the form of an 8-litre variant announced just in time to preview at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.

The 8-litre Quon is available in two models, the CD 25 360 (6×2 rigid) and the CW 25 360 (6×4 rigid). Power comes from the GH8TA engine, boasting a maximum output of 263 kW at 2200 rpm, with peak torque of 1428 Nm rated at 1200 – 1600 rpm. It conforms to pPNLT emissions requirements ranking it as a Euro6 compliant engine by using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) with AdBlue and a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).

The transmission is the ESCOT-VI 12-speed automated manual and the standard wheelbase is 5700mm.

The 8-litre engine brings with it a tare weight saving of 300 kilograms when compared to the original 11-litre models, allowing for greater payload while retaining the reliability attributes of the 11-litre.

Like its big brother, the 8-litre Quon includes features such as disc brakes with EBS, enhanced service intervals and support from Volvo Group’s extensive service network. The front suspension uses a parabolic spring, while the rear is a full ECAS system with eight airbags.

The Volvo Group reputation for safety also flows into the UD brand, with a focus on ensuring the safety of the driver and other road users. This includes: Traffic Eye Brake, UD Stability Control, and Lane Departure Warning System.

Fuel savings are also under the spotlight, with features that include an ECO mode, adaptive cruise control and ESCOT Roll. Fuel tank capacity is 400 litres.

With two major developments in its Quon product range, UD Trucks Australia used the Brisbane Truck Show to provide customers with a preview of the next new addition of the brand’s portfolio, the UD Croner that will be officially launched in January 2020.

The product and engineering team in Australia worked closely with the global UD Trucks’ networks to adapt the specifications of the Croner range to suit Australian conditions and unique requirements. That work comes off the back of the Croner range having been tested in markets around the world, covering over 1.5 million kilometres in countries such as South Africa, Peru, India, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.

From launch, the Croner will be available in two models – the PK 18 280 and PD 25 280 – for a range of vehicle applications. Front suspension is with a parabolic spring, while the rear reverts to a multi-leaf spring pack on a 4500mm wheelbase. Fuel capacity will be 255 litres with an AdBlue capacity of 50 litres.

The Croner cab has a 2.3m sleeper that complies with ECE R29 on rollover protection, with a chassis choice of 4×2 and 6×2 configurations offering GVWs of 17.5-25 tonnes respectively and a GCW of 25 tonnes (optional to a GCM of 32 tonnes) for trailer work.

Rear air suspension will be standard, but the disc brakes of the Quon are replaced by ‘S’Cam full air brakes with ABS.

Unfortunately, VGA has not taken the opportunity to introduce a Euro6 compliant engine from the launch for the Croner, with the GH8E 7.7 litre, overhead camshaft, common-rail injected diesel offering 280 hp (209 kW) at 2200rpm and 1050 Nm of torque at 1100rpm at Euro5 specification, using SCR with Adblue.

An Allison 3000 Series, six-speed double-overdrive automatic transmission will be standard fitment, with a single reduction rear axle featuring a ratio of 5.57:1

With the backing of the VGA Group of dealerships nationally, the Croner will come with a full suite of support services such as group telematics, 24 months fitted parts warranty and Ultimate service agreements.

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