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Getting better roads

If there is one issue which unites people working in the trucking industry, it is the condition of our roads. Now, there is an opportunity to make your feelings known about the terrible road surfaces we have to deal with on a day to day basis. Austroads have said they would like to hear from drivers and operators about a range of issues including the road surface, road and lane geometry, and traffic impacts.



The survey is being carried out by the ARRB Group and they are looking to interview truck drivers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. ARRB are also looking to speak to transport operators, drivers and logistic managers in two ways. You can contact ARRB directly through Shoukry Marzouk (shoukry.marzouk@arrb.com.au; phone 03 98811556) or Tim Martin (tim.martin@arrb.com.au; phone 03 9881 1564) to arrange for a face-to-face interview. There is also a simpler option, a 15min survey which any interested party can complete directly online.

Either way, there is now an opportunity to make sure there is some real data going into road planning. The trucking industry knows just how bad road conditions are, but has also given up, in many cases, trying to get some real action on road condition improvement. Now’s your chance, get online and vent your spleen!

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