Geotab Launches Electronic Logbook for Fringe Benefits Tax Reporting

Geotab, the global leader in telematics technology, is proud to announce the release of its Electronic Logbook specifically designed to meet the needs of Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) reporting for businesses in Australia.

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is applicable when employees utilise company-owned vehicles for personal use, resulting in a taxable benefit in place of salary or wages. Under Australian taxation law, employers are obligated to pay FBT on such benefits.

Australian businesses providing company-owned vehicles to their employees face stringent record- keeping requirements for FBT from maintaining detailed records of motor vehicle usage to submitting reports to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

This process can be arduous for employers without the proper technology, such as an in-vehicle telematics system. Geotab has developed an Electronic Logbook for FBT as an Add-In to address the challenges faced by businesses in meeting the reporting requirements.

This add-in feature empowers drivers to categorise their trips for “Business” or “Personal” use, facilitating easy self-assessment of FBT liability and vehicle use records. By leveraging this solution, businesses can efficiently manage their fleets and enhance the accuracy of FBT reporting.

In line with industry standards, Geotab Australia has successfully obtained an ATO Class Ruling in January 2024, confirming the tool’s compliance for FBT reporting. This ruling not only assures Geotab of the tool’s performance but also instills confidence in customers relying on the system for ATO-compliant FBT reporting.

“Our Electronic Logbook represents a significant advancement in simplifying FBT reporting for businesses in Australia. Geotab remains committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance fleet management and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements through a user-friendly application,” said David Brown, AVP Sales – APAC.

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