Genuine State Wide Farm Gate Access

genuine state wide farm gate access

There is little doubt as to what would make life for rural carriers a little easier, it would be genuine state wide farm gate access. A discussion at the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association saw strong views on both sides of the argument.

The National and State road network is slowly opening up to higher productivity vehicles, but on sticking point has always been the last mile. This is true in the cities, but much more prevalent in rural areas. That last leg of the route, to farm gate, is often on local government roads, which are poorly maintained, at best.

In a move to improve access and to get more data on real world road use in these areas, Transport for NSW has developed a program to offer higher productivity vehicles farm gate access in return for anonymous data about truck movements in these areas. 

The plan is to use this data set to be able to inform road maintenance plans. The ultimate goal would be for every vehicle to contribute information on how the network is used, to a point where it informs those assessing the need for funding that comes from the state government and federal government, to contribute towards any road repair and upgrade. 

If they see a trend that vehicles are traveling a large distance to get around a structure that can’t support access, then the data should be able to feed back into a bridge replacement programs to make it a priority structure to be replaced. 

The need to spend the very limited dollars available at the places that make the biggest difference as soon as possible. And that that kind of takes away that issue of state roads versus local roads, it may be that local roads are where you identify that the biggest issues are, I think most people would probably say that there’s it’s highly likely that it will find a lot of issues on local roads with this sort of data. So it does it does be but only if that vehicle is enrolled in the telematics application.

genuine state wide farm gate access

Scott Greenow, Director Operations Freight Regional and Outer Metropolitan at Transport for NSW talked, at the LBRCA Conference, about the concept behind the agency’s Farm Gate Access Network concept, which has been though a pilot process in the state. 

“A really fantastic piece of work, we’re quite proud of this, it was an opportunity that was derived from the LBRCA,” said Scott. “They also said, ‘if we’re honest, we already do it’. It’s just so hard to get compliant access, and to apply for permits, that we do it without them. The good thing is that this lines up with our ethos about access in New South Wales, we’re after safer, more productive, more sustainable access. So we don’t want you to go across a state bridge that can’t sustain it. You don’t want to go through a bridge, you don’t want to be responsible for making a breach that ruins it for the rest of that community.

“After these discussions, we turned to the state’s councils. Surprisingly, they said they were after safer, more productive or sustainable access. It occurred to me that this can’t be that difficult. If everybody wants the same thing, there has to be a solution to it. That’s when we realised that we don’t know enough about the network to be able to do assessments fast enough to provide the access that you guys need.”

genuine state wide farm gate access

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