Future Strategy for Industry Regulation

future strategy for industry regulation

Delivering truly borderless operations and increasing flexibility for safe operators is outlined in the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s future strategy for industry regulation, Strategic Directions 2021-2026.

The NHVR’s long term strategy talks about the regulator pursuing ambitious and relevant industry reform to the Heavy Vehicle National Law, currently under the spotlight.

future strategy for industry regulation

It also emphasises a number of imperatives:

“Borderless operations are essential to the NHVR’s risk-based regulation approach, which targets those operators and supply chains that put safety on our roads at high risk. It also aims to create positive behavioural change through innovative regulatory approaches for the majority of operators who want to do the right thing.

“Heavy vehicle compliance is consistent, data led and risk based, with a focus on regulatory action towards operators and supply chain parties who pose the greatest safety risk to road users.

“Deliver an appropriate compliance response that includes education to ensure positive behavioural change.

“Focus on investigating primary duty offences and holding to account parties most responsible for the safety risk.

“Encourage broad industry uptake of safety management systems scalable to the size and complexity of a business.”

Duncan Gay, NHVR Chair says the regulator has learnt a lot over the last five years, like the importance of driver physical and mental wellbeing and its impacts on road safety, and increased its capability to share safety insights with industry to collectively pursue better outcomes.

future strategy for industry regulation

“We are also going back to basics to develop a national understanding of freight infrastructure, ensuring consistent assessments that open up productive networks which are critical to the success of our road transport task,” said Duncan.

“Transitioning operations from New South Wales and Queensland will provide consistent regulation right across the eastern part of the country, ensuring industry experience and the same on-road interactions regardless of where people are working.”

future strategy for industry regulation