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Freightliner Australia has announced that in 18 months time the Argosy cabover range will cease production, ending an era of the company offering both cabover and conventional models.

Replaced by the all-new Cascadia, the decision to cease manufacturing ends a history that spans two decades, since it arrived on the Australian market in 1999.

“It is fitting that we will say goodbye to the venerable Argosy in the same year that we welcome the cutting-edge Cascadia, which will signal the beginning of an exciting new era for Freightliner in Australia,”  says Freightliner Australia Pacific Director, Stephen Downes.

Currently, the Argosy is available with the choice of Detroit 15-litre DD15 or X15 Cummins 15-litre in-line six-cylinder engines.

Australia and New Zealand are the only markets in the world where the Argosy is sold, with the nameplate departing the US market in 2004 and exiting the South African market in 2014.

The best-selling heavy duty truck in the United States is currently the Freightliner Cascadia and a right-hand drive development programme to bring the truck to Australia is currently underway. The current Argosy sold in Australia is a striking example of continuous improvement, with key changes being made in response to customer feedback.

Freightliner Australia is not finished with improving the Argosy and a new ‘down-speeding’ Eaton UltraShift option will soon be introduced for Detroit DD15 engines, delivering a significant fuel economy improvement.

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  1. Are they DAFT??? Completely lost their minds or is this DOOM for those of us who actually prefer cabover engine designs? I like seeing in front of my nose! Grew up with cabovers and have always driven a cabover whether a FLB, Argosy or while teething, on an International 9800!! for the life of me cannot understand this behavior by Daimler and Freightliner. Been trying to actually figure out how to RE-IMPORT a replacement Freightliner cabover Argosy from New Zealand back INTO the USA, since even the GLIDER solution vanished this year! GEE THANKS GUYS! I live close to the NC USA factory where they are made! How insane is that?!?!

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