Focus on Innovation and New Product Development

focus on innovation and new product development

Ctrack, a leading provider of telematics and fleet management solutions, continues their focus on innovation and new product development. See what’s new at Ctrack.

Ctrack Asset

Ctrack Asset provides real-time tracking of assets combined with dynamic reporting. Whether tracking is required outdoors, indoors or underground, Ctrack’s newest solution will keep assets visible through a range of easily self-installed devices.

The Asset range includes several options to track and recover valuable items, from heavy machinery to tools, all with long battery life. There are even options to monitor sensory data such as temperature, humidity, vibration and CO2 gas or track lower value assets through a gateway and tag system.

Simply set up alerts through app, mobile or email and be notified of unplanned movements, assets outside a designated zone or unauthorised after hours use.  

The locally hosted platform may also be used to record maintenance records and provide optional scheduled reminders to increase operational efficiency.

Ctrack Asset has a number of flexible solutions to protect resources from theft or unauthorised use, find out more today.

focus on innovation and new product development
The Ctrack Asset Interface
The Ctrack Asset interface
The AT-01, AT-04 and AT-06 models



The Executive Dashboard

Integrated as part of Ctrackʼs existing software platform (Ctrack Online), the Executive Dashboard provides users with a summarised view of telematics data in user-friendly charts and tables. As a result, fleet operators will gain further operational insight and business intelligence, identifying trends and underlying root causes within seconds.

The sophisticated but easy-to-use tool highlights key performance metrics such as driver behaviour, fuel efficiency, fleet utilisation and productivity in a single view. 

The Executive Dashboard has been designed to support small fleets as well the largest enterprises, offering a drill-down function to display full fleet data and optional detailed views by division, region or branch to individual vehicle or driver. 

focus on innovation and new product development


Ctrack Route

Ctrack Route is a routing and optimisation solution developed to reduce planning time and improve time management.

By allowing a fleet manager to plan and optimise their routes automatically, Route can save as much as half a day of manual planning time.

Route enables better time management across an existing fleet, resulting in savings on cost per route as well as the potential to make more deliveries using existing resources. 

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focus on innovation and new product development