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 The new UD Quon family expands with the addition of an 8×4 range of trucks aimed at the vocational and freight market, as Warren Caves explains

UD broadens the appeal and versatility of the popular Quon heavy-duty truck range with the release of the brand’s 8×4 variant.

Comprising three models with two engine, two transmission and three wheel-base variations, UD product manager David Roset said the new 8×4 Quon is targeted at the mining, front-lift waste compactor, concrete agitator and palletised freight sectors.

Based around the existing Quon 6×4 platform, the 8×4 version is available in three different model variants. The CG 30-360 features the GH8F 8.0-litre engine rated at 360 hp (263 kW) at 2200 rpm with torque rated at 1428 Nm (1055 ft/lb) at 1200 rpm.

The 8.0-litre version is available in a choice of three wheelbases to suit individual applications, 4500 mm, 5200 mm and 5700 mm, with a choice of either an Allison 3200 series automatic transmission or the Escot-V1, 12-speed, automated manual transmission (based on Volvo’s I-SHIFT transmission) comprising 12 forward and two reverse gears. UD feels that this 8.0-litre model configuration would be well-suited to the palletised freight sector in body lengths up to 14-pallets.

The CG 32-390, model with an 11-litre GH11TB engine offers 287 kW (390 hp) at 1600 rpm and 1750 Nm (1290 ft/lb) of torque at a low 900 rpm.

The CG 32-420 model offers an increased power tune from the same 11-litre engine to produce 309 kW (420 hp) at 1600 rpm and 1900 Nm (1401 ft/lb) of torque at 950 rpm.

Both of the CG 32 variants are available with the two longer wheelbases of 5200 mm and 5700 mm. The 11-litre Quon is targeted at the tipper market and concrete agitator sector.

The Escot-V1 transmission is the only option for the 11-litre CG 32 models.

All engines across the range meet or exceed Euro6 emission standards by using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) after treatment systems.

Road-friendly, load-sharing front suspensions with parabolic leaf springs are the key feature for the new Quon 8×4. The 13-tonne capacity front suspension has been locally developed to benefit from the cross-platform investment and association with Volvo Group Australia (VGA).

Engineered to offer a tight turning circle, the Quon 8×4 twin-steer system is said to be of particular benefit to waste truck operators working in restrictive areas.

Rear suspension for all models is selectable in either an eight-airbag system or leaf-spring construction.

The chassis is constructed using a single, high-tensile rail which according to David Roset results in a lower tare weight, increasing payload and higher customer productivity.

The flat and uncluttered chassis makes the design and attachment of bodies easier for bodybuilders. An added benefit of the flat chassis is the opportunity to direct-mount bodies to the chassis without the need for spacers or brackets. For the concrete agitator operator, this lower body height and resultant lower centre of gravity can achieve greater stability and safety outcomes.

According to Matt Wood, Strategic Projects and Communication Manager at Volvo Group Australia, the target tare weight for the Quon 8×4 was eight-tonne, which he advises is close to the mark. However he remains tight-lipped on final weight specs until the first 8×4 Quon is fitted with a tipper body very soon.

For body manufacturers requiring hydraulic power drives, the Quon 8×4 offers the choice of transmission or engine power take-off options

The Quon platform includes advanced safety and technology features including airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, active emergency braking (AEB) via UD’s Traffic Eye system, radar cruise control and an electronic stability control programme. All of these features are standard across the Quon range, as is disc braking to all wheels.

Disc-brake systems could provide quieter braking over traditional drum-brake technology for waste truck operations where operational requirements see trucks constantly on the brakes for short stop/start periods without achieving optimal temperatures. This can result in brake groan from glazed brake drums, much to the annoyance of residents on early morning bin runs.

Owners can option a driver-alert system which monitors the driver for inattention and drowsiness. This can issue a series of visual and audible warnings to advise the driver to take a break.

The Quon features an 8.0-inch multi-function display to incorporate driver aids such as truck-specific satellite navigation, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A multi-information display in the dash between the speedometer and tachometer provides operational statistics and settings for the truck as well as fatigue warnings (when optioned).

UD Trucks provide UD Trust service agreements to improve up-time and offer the comfort of predictable service costs. Additionally, UD includes a one-year subscription to the UD telematics system at no cost for all Quon 8×4 buyers.

UD’s ability to draw upon group solutions presented under the VGA umbrella has resulted in broader appeal to the brand, across a wider cross-section of end users, as we can clearly see with the latest addition to the versatile Quon range.

“We believe 80 percent of customers purchasing our new Quon 8×4 will be new to the UD brand. We believe we have a fantastic tool for our customers to optimise their productivity,” David Roset said.

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