First Western Star 5800 handed over by Penske Power Systems Sydney | TRANSPORT NEWS

Penske Power Systems Sydney at Riverside Road, Chipping Norton recently delivered the first Western Star 5800 since the branch was appointed as a dealer for Penske Commercial Vehicles.

The 5800 will operate in a B-double configuration and was supplied to NSW Freightlines, joining two 4800 models in the fleet.

NSW Freightlines selected the 5800 for its adaptability, particularly the sloped bonnet and set-back front axle.

“The 5800 is very versatile so it’s the perfect solution for us as the truck will initially run along the east coast highways, and then transition into local transport duties,” said Michael Vella, owner of NSW Freightlines.

“The 5800 has great visibility, ride comfort, turning circle and weight distribution.”

Mr. Vella’s enthusiasm for Western Star Trucks’ American heritage also extends to Detroit engines which have yielded reliable power solutions for NSW Freightlines.

“I have always been passionate about Detroit, having completed my apprenticeship with Detroit Engine and Turbine Co in the 90s,” he said.

“We have owned 26 Detroit-powered trucks over the years, from the 8V92, to the first generation of series 60, through to the latest DD15.

“And with Western Star and Detroit I know I can count on Penske’s wide network to service our equipment quickly, and with great results.”

‘Princess Katelyn’, named by Michael Vella’s two-year-old daughter, will commence into service immediately.

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