First Test Drive of the S-Way

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Hot off the presses comes the first test drive of the S-Way from Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers. He takes the new truck around the test track in Madrid in the wake of the new truck range’s global launch in the Spanish capital last week.

Will was there to attend the global launch, with all of the loud music, projections, smoke and mirrors we have come to expect from this kind oft event. For Iveco this event sees the European truck-maker making a major splash about catching up with its rivals.

In the last eight years we have seen the arrival all the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, the new Volvo FH, the Next Generation Scania, plus renewals from DAF and MAN. This event sees Iveco coming in near the back of the race near back of the race, but having the opportunity to include all of the latest electronic technologies and engine technologies in the redesign of the new model.

As Will points out, the the drive line in the heavy duty Iveco trucks have already been vastly improved and shown to be effective in Europe, but only beginning to be seen here in Australia. With this release it would see Iveco make a come back on the European market with the full suite of safety, monitoring, automated systems, which seem to be becoming virtually standard over there.

Whether this new development will give a substantial boost to the sales of heavy duty trucks for Iveco in Europe is debatable. They are running a few years behind their competition and do not have a reputation to match that of the top four truck makers in the heavy duty prime mover market.

To same could also be said of what might happen down the track when this truck is introduced into the Australian market. Iveco trucks have sold well here in certain segments,. The Daily van has sold in good numbers in Australia and the Acco continues to perform pretty well for the organisation, although even this model is now going through a transformation itself.

However, the Stralis and the Eurocargo have not fared quite so well. They have sold, but not in big numbers and not on a scale from which Iveco can expect substantial growth in market strength. It will be a matter of waiting to see for the truck buyers of Australia. The S-Way has just been released in Europe and will start to appear on their roads sometime over the next few months. We can expect elements of the new truck to be trialed here in Australia in the coming years, with some of those making it through to the product on sale in Australia sometime later.


 first test drive of the S-Way


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