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First look at The Look

A new tarp covering system from Canada is being introduced into Australia by Rice Graphic Images (RGI). Called The LOOK, it is an engineered sliding system, with a modular retractable tarp and aluminium frame, designed to provide load-covering on either a trailer or rigid tray body


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Rice Graphics says the system can be operated by one person, sliding in either direction along the full length of the trailer or rigid truck body, in covering or uncovering the load. There are also adaptations available for the system to operate on a single or double drop-deck trailer.


The Look comes in three models, split system at the drop, plus single or double transition. The tensioning system keeps the tarp taut, making it possible to display graphic messages along each side of the vehicle.



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CIMC Australia Road Transport Equipment Group has built 10 examples of the new system on both rigid trucks and pig trailers for Metropolitan Express Transport Services, this will be followed up by some full length semi-trailers fitted with the same system.


The trucks deliver plasterboard locally and throughout regional Victoria, the product is unloaded by a specially designed crane,” said Sam Pantou, Director at Metropolitan Express Transport Services. “The sliding system allows much easier and quicker access for the driver to roll back the curtains in order to obtain access to the load and crane. We are in the early stages of our implementation and expect this new design to be a major success.”



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