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First ever Global Truck Trailer Leadership Summit ahead of Melbourne Truck Show

ARTSAAustralian Road Transport Suppliers’ Association (ARSTA) will host Australia’s first-ever Global Truck Trailer Leadership Summit.

The two-day Summit will welcome the industry’s most influential voices to discuss pressing issues facing the industry, with vivid presentations and panel discussions aimed to help grow and inform the commercial road transport community in Australia and abroad.

“We are excited to announce that Melbourne has been chosen to organise such a world-class event,” said ARSTA Chairman, Dr Peter Hart.

“Australia’s commercial road transport industry has always been at the forefront of developing modern transport technology, so we are very proud to welcome the industry’s most influential people from around the globe to discuss the future of our industry.”

The Summit will be launched in Melbourne, Australia, in conjunction with the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show (ITTES) in April.

“The timing is perfect,” Peter Hart said.

“The ITTES is undoubtedly the most impressive showcase of transport technology in the Southern Hemisphere, so our guests will have the opportunity to not only talk about industry, but also liaise with it and experience Australian-made technology first-hand.”

According to Dr Hart, well-known vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and research partners from the US, Europe, Asia and Australia will present current scenarios and development trends at the Summit.

“With Europe preparing for a sixth year of slow economic growth and the US only just starting to see the silver lining on the horizon, the industry is currently at a crossroads and has to come up with feasible solutions to ensure the transport industry is well prepared for a challenging future. This is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

The Global Truck Trailer Leadership Summit will be held in  Port Melbourne at Lifesaving Victoria, on 1-2 April 2014.

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