Filpro Acquires Powerdown

In a move which strengthens its position in the automotive aftermarket and suspension industry, Filpro acquires Powerdown.

Filpro Automotive, a supplier of automotive aftermarket products, acquired a manufacturer of ride control components, Powerdown Australia, on February 18, 2020. 

Under the acquisition agreement, Powerdown will continue to manufacture and/or distribute all current Powerdown branded OEM and aftermarket products for trucks, heavy commercial trailers, buses and light commercial vehicles; and RAW 4×4 branded products for four-wheel drive vehicles.

The announcement was made at the annual sales conference in Newcastle by the founder and outgoing managing director of Powerdown, Bruce Gatgens. 

Roger Lassen, managing director of Filpro Automotive Australasia, will be taking the reins, by incorporating Powerdown into the Filpro Automotive group.

Filpro Automotive is a leading supplier of automotive aftermarket products, with established warehousing and distribution networks within New Zealand and Australia. 

Filpro are partnered with market leading brands and world class manufacturers, delivering a range of industry-leading products including FRAM Filters, Safeline Brakes, Indy Oil, Prestone, Redex, Simoniz and Holts products. 

The Group’s manufacturing capabilities and extensive distribution network will greatly expand the availability of Powerdown’s suspension products to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the US.

Combined with the resources available to Filpro Automotive, Powerdown brings 37 years’ experience in the heavy vehicle industry. This development will benefit both Powerdown and Filpro, along with its customers, through expansion and innovation. 


Filpro acquires Powerdown