Fast Approaching 3G Closure, Will You Be Ready?

fast approaching 3G closure, will you be ready?

Time is counting down before the 3G network is turned off, and Teletrac Navman is asking whether everyone is prepared for the fast approaching 3G closure, will you be ready?

Anyone who’s bought a new smartphone or computer in the last few years will know technology doesn’t stand still, and this is true for cellular tech. The modern mobile era kicked off with 1G in 1987 and is now in its fifth generation. 3G came into being in 2005, and while it was a game changer at the time for allowing voice, data, basic internet and video calls, it’s been superseded by 4G and now 5G. Because of the onward march of technology, Telstra is shutting its 3G network in June 2024, which is roughly 200 or so working days away.

This imminent closure means you need to think about migrating your 3G-enabled telematics systems, or any kit with a 3G SIM, to future-proofed ones running on the 4G network. As the deadline gets closer, the mad rush for both available technology and installation will be harder to come by and you don’t want to risk being stuck with a fleet of dead technology, potentially crippling your business and the safety and efficiency of your vehicles and drivers.

Even if 3G wasn’t being shut down, there are good reasons to shift to 4G gear. The connection speed and bandwidth available is roughly 10 times what 3G offers. The increased data bandwidth means you can get greater metrics and insights into your business. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decision making with a 4G telematics solution.

Just like when smartphones revolutionised personal communications with the launch of the iPhone in 2007, 4G has revolutionised telematics, opening new ways of operating and new streams of data, opening the flood gates for more information in real-time for your fleet operators and managers. Most of us would never go back to a flip-phone, and while we can’t always afford it, we, typically, are all after the latest technology to improve both our personal and working lives. This is where upgrading your telematics to future-proof your business comes into play.

More connectivity, more productivity, more possibilities

GPS-enabled telematics solutions will provide fleet managers, and drivers, with all the insights they need instantly. You’ll be able to measure everything from safety and efficiency metrics, monitor your benchmarks, and compare them to actual outputs to understand where you can improve operations to lower costs and increase productivity.

Driver coaching is also a major benefit of 4G-enabled telematics. AI-powered telematics will warn a driver about road signs – a boon on unfamiliar routes – as well as tell them if they’re following too closely, braking to harshly or engaging in hazardous manoeuvring. These telematics solutions will also let you create driver scorecards, which are useful for providing driver incentives for good on road behaviour.

A further upside is modern telematics will save you money. By coaching drivers on good behaviour and incentivising their on-road performance, you’ll save fuel, leading to lower costs and greater profitability. Our 2019 Telematics Benchmark report found that on average, business with fleet management solutions saved 9.5 per cent on fuel costs. When your fuel bill is high, this can be a substantial saving. 

Jarratt Transport Solutions, based in Queensland operates a fleet of Kenworth trucks with Teletrac Navman’s 4G fleet management solutions to coach driver behaviour and improve operational efficiency, including EWDs in each vehicle to help drivers manage their own compliance to fatigue regulations. Managing Director, Phil Jarratt, estimates his business saves around 3,000 litres of fuel per month through driver education and coaching using the fleet management solution.

“We wanted to be as compliant as we can be operationally and professionally from a legal standpoint,” he continues, “and we wanted to build a transport company which our suppliers and clients would be happy to use as their new benchmark,” says Jarratt Transport Solutions’ managing director, Phil Jarratt.

Migration doesn’t have to be hard

The time to think about migrating your fleet of 3G equipment to modern, future-proofing gear is now. The switch doesn’t have to be hard, and Teletrac Navman is here to help you on this journey. 

Our team works on end-to-end deployment and implementation of solutions to help our customers and industry solution specialists consult with you to generate insights specific to your sector and organisation, ensuring the technology delivers on your objectives. With teams of dedicated customer success and transport specialists, Teletrac Navman can help you get to where you want to be.

If you haven’t already started to assess your devices, identify your needs, and set a timeline for migration, there is no better time than now. Start preparing by engaging with your current telematics provider or local Teletrac Navman dealer to discuss any transition required.

Find more information on Telstra’s website or contact your Teletrac Navman today.


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