Exporting IAP to Sweden

The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) has been received with limited support here in Australia but looks like it may be a hit on the other side of the world. Swedish transport authorities are to run a pilot program using the Australian IAP and Aussie equipment suppliers on trucks in Sweden, to evaluate its effectiveness in managing truck access.


“We see IAP and similar systems as possible instruments for better risk management, enabling us to open up a substantial part of the road network for new vehicle combinations,” said Anders Berndtsson, Chief Strategist at Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration. “This will help us utilise our road network while reducing climate impact from road transports. The IAP pilot will help us to foster a safety culture, and also support fair transport which is a focus area in the Swedish transport industry.


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“The pilot has just started and we are looking forward for results guiding us in a Swedish application. There are now three vehicle combinations participating in the IAP pilot operated by Lund University, and we hope to introduce additional vehicles soon in the Pilot.”


The pilot vehicles will use equipment and services provided by Transtech Driven, one of the five suppliers certified by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) to handle IAP compliance.


“During 2011 the IAP was identified by Swedish representatives from government and industry representatives as a low-cost, 21st century approach to the management of heavy vehicle access and compliance management,” said Chris Koniditsiotis,TCA CEO. “In fact, the reasons behind the success of the IAP in Australia, and its adoption across a growing number of access applications and transport operators, are the same reasons which led to the IAP Pilot in Sweden.”

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